rear brake rotor removal land cruiser hdj80r

Submitted: Sunday, Jan 31, 2010 at 15:44

andy mitchell

hi all

while changing a flat tyre this morning on my 80 series cruiser, one of the wheel studs was accidentally snapped off.

i have had to order a new wheel stud and nut from our local parts supplier,should be here monday afternoon 1/2/10.

my question to anyone in the know, what is involved in the removal off the rear brake i just remove the brake calliper and counter sunk screw and the rotor comes off. or is it a little more involved, because of the hand brake.

thanks all

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AnswerID: 401928   Submitted: Sunday, Jan 31, 2010 at 15:54

Member - Ian H (NSW) replied:

Hi andy,
Yes it is a bit more trouble but not much more.

You will need to back off the handbrake adjustment to allow the drum/rotor to slide over them but they probably need readjusting anyway.
Access to the adjusters is through the hole in the face of the drum with a flat screwdriver. Just rotate the star wheel with the screwdriver until the drum is very free to turn. Murphy says you will first turn it the wrong way and the brakes will lock.
Good luck, Ian
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FollowupID: 671354   Submitted: Sunday, Jan 31, 2010 at 16:37

andy mitchell posted:

Hi Ian

thanks for you're help, i was worried that they where a little more involved like the front rotors.

thanks again, kind regards.

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FollowupID: 671407   Submitted: Sunday, Jan 31, 2010 at 21:59

Member - ross m (WA) posted:

I usall get mine off by wacking one side of the disc with a rubber mallet and prying the other side simultaneously with a big screwdrive being careful not to bend the backing plate.
If the handbrake is backed right off ,they should just about fall off.
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AnswerID: 401931   Submitted: Sunday, Jan 31, 2010 at 16:15

Member - Toyocrusa (NSW) replied:

G'day Andy. Another hint. The wheel stud most likely broke because the thread was dry or rusty which allows the nut thread to "pickup" on the wheel stud. I make sure all my wheelstuds are clean and then wipe some Hitemp grease into the threads before replacing the wheelnuts.(Do this to all four maybe before you repair the first in case some others break) Recheck wheel nut tension after a few Klms. Seems to eliminate the cause of your problem. Regards,Bob.

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FollowupID: 671355   Submitted: Sunday, Jan 31, 2010 at 16:44

andy mitchell posted:

hi Toyocrusa

thanks for you,re reply, some good advise regarding grease.

would anti seize do the same job.

thanks again, kind regards

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FollowupID: 671358   Submitted: Sunday, Jan 31, 2010 at 16:57

Member - Toyocrusa (NSW) posted:

Yep.If you have never seize that would be good too. Bob.

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FollowupID: 671362   Submitted: Sunday, Jan 31, 2010 at 17:07

sweetwill posted:

hi toyocrusa.
I put grease on the studs on my boat trailer a few years back, about two weeks later on a dirt road going to wyangler dam the wheel came off luckily no one was hurt, telling a couple of mates about this they said it was common knowledge not to do that cheers bill.
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FollowupID: 671382   Submitted: Sunday, Jan 31, 2010 at 20:15

Member - Toyocrusa (NSW) posted:

Hi sweetwill. Work as a mechanic in my own workshop. Been putting grease on the studs for many years as I have seen so many different vehicles sieze the thread and break. Never had one come loose but always torque the nuts again after a roadtest. Have found with Hitemp bearing grease you usually only ever have to put the grease on once. It seems to last for ever. Regards,Bob.

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FollowupID: 671402   Submitted: Sunday, Jan 31, 2010 at 21:19

Member - Graham H (QLD) posted:

Well don't know about cars but the bus companies I have worked for even scrape and sand the paint off painted rims.

They both said leave the paint on the wheel nuts wear it away and come loose.

Have never used grease and only ever broke a stud getting some off an old 84 Telstar that had fine thread studs on it. 1 car out of the 37 I have owned

Apparently they were famous for it

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FollowupID: 671408   Submitted: Sunday, Jan 31, 2010 at 22:09

Member - Nick (TAS) posted:

Remove paint off all surfaces to be torqued up for sure but always add a touch of oil or grease to dry wheel studs.
Paint will crush and what feels tight will work loose.A grabbing thread on dry studs outback miles from anywhere is gunna cause serious heart ache.
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AnswerID: 401938   Submitted: Sunday, Jan 31, 2010 at 16:50

Member - Ed C (QLD) replied:

A point you may wish to consider,

If one stud has snapped, what are the odds that others have been similarly weakened ??

I'd be carefully checking the rest of 'em ;-)


Confucius say.....
"He who lie underneath automobile with tool in hand,
....Not necessarily mechanic!!"
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FollowupID: 671405   Submitted: Sunday, Jan 31, 2010 at 21:46

pop2jocem posted:

Yeah, spot on Ed. Andy if it was me I would replace the lot while you're at it. My experience if a stud has snapped it was probably overtightened possibly by some goon with a rattle gun set incorrectly. I always have used "never seize" on the wheel studs of every vehicle I have owned or worked on, yes I am a mechanic.
I have never seen a stud break or a wheel nut come loose that was tensioned correctly in the first place and rechecked after a short trip, they do bed in.

Cheers Pop
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AnswerID: 402027   Submitted: Monday, Feb 01, 2010 at 08:37

andy mitchell replied:

thanks all

some great advice there, will have a look at full replacement.

regards andy
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