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Greetings fellow travellers
Was wondering if there are any members out there that may have taken a caravan from Khancoban to Cabramurra via the Khancoban to Cabramurra Road then on to Tumbarumba via the Elliot Way and could give us the low down as to how they found the trip. Have a 15ft van towed by a Territory. Have been all round Tassie with rig and was comfortable, so any help will be greatly appreciated
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SDG replied:

I often see caravans travelling around that area so can't see a problem. Just be aware that many motorcycle riders travel a fair bit around here as most of us love the twisty, hilly roads.
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Berniec posted:

Caravans are allowed on this road through the non-snow months (along with other cars, bikes, trucks etc). The road is currently closed and usually reopens around the 2nd week in October - depending on the snow and how much damage has occurred over winter. Contact the Kosciuszko Nat Park in Khancoban ((02) 6076 9373) for details.

Take care and stay well to your left - there are plenty of others who think that as the road has no centre line it might be one way or that all the road is theirs. It is a very enjoyable drive - all the better when the weather clear and warm.
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