Great Ocean Road Holiday Christmas 2010

Tuesday, Nov 30, 2010 at 19:48

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Well the planning for the Great Ocean Road holiday has begun. Janine has completed the itinerary and booked into caravan Parks and free camps where possible. There are some people that just love having holidays and others that enjoy the planning, good on you Janine!

You may ask, "why the heck are you doing this trip around Christmas"? Both families have school aged children:

22nd Nov Preparation – Our last few trips towing the van started to notice the sag in the rear of the Land cruiser once the caravan was hitched up. We had the front torsion bars, front shocks (nitrocharger sport),wishbone reinforcing kit, rear coils rated at 400kg constant, rear sport shocks, stone guard kit. Forum suspension

27th Nov
Small set back Harris Cruiser hits a concrete poll in the underground car park. (I won’t mention who was driving?) Smash repairer sending quote into NRMA hope we can get it all fixed before the big trip.

Next job is to build the rear bumper for spare wheel. Here is the link to Forum Spare Wheel on rear

If you are travelling the same route and you see 2 X Toyota 100 Series Land cruisers towing Jayco Expanda Caravans just honk or stop and say hi, or you can follow us on our Blog page.

6th December Put the LC into the panel beaters today, should be all fixed in the next 3 to 4 days, I don’t understand why they can rebuild a V8 supercar in hours? The kids are counting down the days of school.

Things to do in the Otways
The Otways

Tuesday 28th December 2010

We set off this morning for our Great Ocean Road adventure after a last minute stop at BCF and the obligatory stop at Maccas! After an hour of driving we started to hear “Are we there yet?” and “How much further is it?” Aaaahhh it’s all part of the adventure! We visited the Dog on the Tuckerbox and then searched for somewhere to rest the Cruisers and Expandas. We didn’t like the prospect of spending the night in the middle of the highway at the rest stop at Gundagai so we kept looking and minutes later found a quaint little pub with a spot of grass next to it at Tumblong. The publican was very friendly and let us park there. It was a bit noisy because it wasn’t too far from the highway but we were also blessed with being surrounded by some beautiful Australian landscape and sunset!

Wednesday 29th December 2010

Left Tumblong and stopped at Holbrook to see the Submarine and the affectionately named “Ducks Arse” which stores the torpedoes. Next stop was lunch at the Ettamogah Pub just North of Albury. We meandered along the Murray via Corowa and Yarrawonga and arrived at Echuca for our second night’s stop. We looked at one of the rest stops but thought it looked pretty ordinary so we explored the option of camping at another stop on the Murray River which looked far more picturesque and inviting. This spot was pretty full but Linz and Shaun explored and found a spot along a track where we could both fit. We all got out, ready to set up for dinner only to be attacked by hundreds of mozzies! It was definitely time to use the Bushman’s with the 40% DEET (only to be used in the direst of situations) and this was definitely one of those times. A tip we learned was when someone from the Murray River area tells you the mossies are bad, then the mossies ARE BAD!!!! We doused ourselves in Bushmans and Aeroguard but there were literally hundreds all over each of us even biting through shirts and denim shorts. We decided to move on out of fear of being carried away by the vampire like insects. Just when we thought we’d be out of Mozzie central in a minute or so, The Harris Expanda was facing the wrong way and manouevering it to turn around on a narrow bush track proved to be harder than we thought! Eventually, thanks to Linz and Shaun’s brilliant driving skills, we were thankfully fleeing Mozzie Central. When we arrived back at the original rest stop, that looked ordinary before, it felt like Utopia because it was free from Mozzies! Or so we thought, until about 9pm when we were once again found by the blood thirsty proboscus wielding insects. We were forced to head for the protection of the caravans but at least we’d all had dinner by then. Both families had to go on a killing spree of Mozzies before going to bed, it was not a pretty sight with blood on hands and caravan walls!!

Thursday 30th December 2010

We had a lovely trip on the Murray today aboard the P.S Canberra. It was lovely to see the river was quite high compared to what it had been 13 years ago when we last visited. We left Echuca and headed for Ballarat via Bendigo, Daylesford and Creswick where 27 men were trapped in a flooded mine and 22 men lost there lives in the worst mining disaster in Australian history. We arrived in Ballarat this afternoon and checked into the Big 4 Goldfields caravan park. The girls went for a swim before we went to dinner and the Blood on the Southern Cross sound and light show at Sovereign Hill. Dinner was superb and the show was awesome!!! You can’t come to Ballarat without experiencing this thoroughly entertaining and informative event.

Friday 31st December 2010

The weather today was Hot, Hot, Hot and Windy. We relaxed in the caravans with Air Conditioning on full. Later on we cooled off with a swim and ice blocks. We ate a beautiful BBQ meal, had a few drinks, relaxed and laughed a lot and then welcomed in the New Year. Ellie and Soph were the first to hit the hay. Ben and Matt were sick, they soldiered on as long as they could but just didn’t quite make it and were asleep by 11.30. Olivia and Jake were the Trojans! There were fireworks in the distance and we were serenaded over the phone by Liz’s brother, John, singing the Mesadorma! A great night was had by all, just awesome to spend time with great friends!

Saturday 1st January 2011

Some were up at 9.00am but most were still pushing out Z’s at 11am. Liv finally joined the land of the living at 11.45am thanks to Ellie! We headed over to Sovereign Hill where we had an excellent day! Highlights of the day were the Gold Pour, the Underground Mine attraction “Trapped” where we headed underground on a tramway to experience an interactive tour of the Creswick Mine disaster, the Stagecoach ride, the confectionary making, the school house, candle dipping, bowling 1850’s style, gold panning and musket firing! We have to make special mention of the children’s washing activity. The children help their mother wash the clothes and then got to try first hand how it was done. There were 6 tubs, washboards, clothes dollies, Figert’s blue tablets for whitening and freshening, the rinsing tub and the hand wringers at the end. The children now have a greater appreciation of the time in which they live! Gold panning was awesome as the Gillespie’s, particularly Jake and Ben, found quite a lot of gold flakes that they now proudly display in a jar! Back to camp for a relaxing evening.

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Submitted: Monday, Dec 06, 2010 at 21:34

Member - Burra commented:

what are you planning to do around the otways? I live in the area.
Save water, the breweries need it.
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Submitted:Monday, Dec 06, 2010 at 21:40

Member - Gadget replied:

We are open to your suggestions?
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Submitted: Monday, Dec 06, 2010 at 21:55

Member - Burra commented:

North of colac volcanic lakes,cones and craters.
south,gloworms lighthouses and the shiprwrecked coast
the gellie pub say hi to bert
in the area lots of 4wd pending on dry or wet
plus wineries what else?
Save water, the breweries need it.
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Submitted: Monday, Dec 06, 2010 at 22:18

Member - Burra commented:

Otway fly plus zipline tour (google cost)
triplet falls (close by)
Lake Elizebeth,platypus tours
Save water, the breweries need it.
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