Eflare 530 - Green & White

Eflare SafetyBeacons Eflare Beacons, Eflare 530 - Green & White
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HAZMAT two colour flashing.
Safety in a flash - Eflare LED Emergency Safety Beacons are an extremely effective warning light for 4 wheel drive, caravan and hiking enthusiasts. Based on the beacon used by all Australian Police Forces and Emergency Services the HZ530GW can be seen for over 1 kilometre at night and has a battery life of over 40 hours.


Light Source
• 8 LED's (4 each side of circuit board)
• Visible at more than one kilometer at night
• Operating life of forty hours for each set of batteries

Lens Design
• Clear, high performance, ultra tough, impact resistant polycarbonate Fresnel lens
• Primary beam directed horizontally, secondary beam component directed vertically
• Light is 20 centimetres above the ground, to ensure good visibility to approaching vehicles

Safety Features
• Beam designed to be visible to approaching vehicles from any direction
• High-performance ABS body
• Positive action switch means light cannot be switched on or off by accident
• No strobe effects or night blindness

Batteries/Battery Management
• Two replaceable alkaline D cells
• Advanced electronic circuitry maximizes battery life
• Low level battery indicator

Beacon Construction
• Shock resistant
• Water resistant, dustproof, vibration proof
• Stable in high winds when seated in base
• Can withstand drops on to hard surfaces from one metre without damage
• Detachable rubber base increases flexibility of beacon (*optional - this can be purchased separately)

Ease of Use
• Simple, clear, comprehensive instructions
• Straightforward/safe to use
• Easy to deploy and recover in darkness
• No maintenance required, apart from changing batteries
• Coloured pins on lens indicate color of beacon beam
• 165 - 185 Flashes per minute

Usage Options
• Can be placed on the road surface or any flat surface
• Can be clipped to a sign or worn as a personal safety device
• Can be used in most weather conditions
• Can operate at extreme temperatures, hot and cold

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