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Saturday, Jan 13, 2018 at 08:41


EOTopo is not an app - nor is it a mapping system. EOTopo is a map of Australia that is digitally produced and distributed for sale in a number of different formats to suit the most popular range of mapping software systems in use today.
To use these maps you will need to have a device with GPS mapping capability (of which there are many options). Some devices have their own in-built mapping software (such as the HN6 and HN7), whilst other devices (such as PCs, and Android tablets/phones) require you to install apps or mapping software.
Depending which device and software you have running, you may or may not be able to use EOTopo maps so before you buy our maps you must know what your needs are.
To keep it simple, you'll find that we offer only 2 options for purchasing EOTopo. Please check each option and consider which is right for you:
Option 1: If you have the Traveller app you will need the ExplorOz Traveller Premium Mapset. To get the maps, you will need to purchase an EOTopo license either in-app (payable to iTunes, Google, or Windows), or through our online shop. Your license is stored in your ExplorOz login, so when you log into the app, you will then be able to download the files to your device directly through the apps in-built Data Manager. These map files cannot be transferred to any other device, however if you have the app on another device you can login to the app with your same account and download the files via the same process using the Data Manager.
Option 2: If you use a different mapping system, then check if it allows the importing of maps in "raster" format. If you use OziExplorer, TrackRanger, an HN7 device or your system can use ECW files then you can import the EOTopo map files available in our EOTopo Standard or Premium mapsets sold through our online shop. These mapsets contain files at various scales and in both the ECW and OZF/map formats to enable you to select just the files that are applicable to your device. The difference between the Standard and the Premium is the map scale. Of course, the 144K scale map therefore has the potential to have greater map detail than the 200K as there is more room to allow additional features to appear where available in the dataset.
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