EOTopo: EOTopo with OziExplorer (Full PC Version)

Friday, Jan 12, 2018 at 08:52


OZF4 files are optimised for use with OziExplorer, but you can also use ECW files. If you have purchased the Premium mapset then please note that there is no EOTopo 144K Australia.ozf4 file or EOTopo 144K Australia.map file - this is due to file size restrictions. Instead, you will need to either download each of the 6 state files in the 144K scale or use the ECW format which does have the 144K Australia file.

Please ensure you determine the destination folders configured in OziExplorer to source Maps and Name Search files from OziExplorer. To find this, go to “Configuration” in OziExplorer, on the “System” tab it will display the file path for both the OziExplorer “Maps” and “Data” folders. From the EOTopo downloads page you will need to copy the folder named “OZF” to your OziExplorer “Maps” folder, and the two files in the EOTopo's “Name Search” folder to the OziExplorer "Name Search" folder (found by going up one folder from “Data").


The below image shows the Configuration menu in OziExplorer, and the corresponding folders as found in Windows File Explorer. To go direct to the relevant folder, click on the "Folder" button next to the relevant File Path.
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