At last - The Breakaways!

Thursday, Oct 03, 2013 at 00:00

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Back in the mists of time... I saw a photo on ExplorOz of the Breakaways
between Hyden and Norseman on what is called the Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail.

It is a rather long drive just to visit the Breakaways and head straight home again, so we turned it into a journey to visit many places neither of us had been before. Still the excitement of reaching the destination which triggered the journey was building!

We left Hyden fully stocked up with fuel, food and water - ready to spend numerous days exploring before reaching Norseman at the other end. Having been recently graded the road was a dream to drive on.

We stopped briefly at the Barrier Fence and Holland Track intersections - reading the information on the interpretive signs is a real eye opener - and then continue on to ...

Forrestonia Plots
Stop at the outside parking area to read the interpretive sign before driving in to the camp area.
We saw some gorgeous views with trees and shrubs in flower, along with some pretty specimens at ground level.

We also heard an ominous and very loud HUMMMMM coming from the shed. On investigation we found some filthy bugger had left a pile of yuck just inside the doorway! People wonder why we are getting locked out of tourist areas.... because a few idiots are ruining it for everyone else :(

The Shire Boundary - I didn't make a note of it in my book but I am pretty sure it is here you will find a plague unveiled in September 2013 to Ben Mouritz - for whom we can thank for the Hyden-Norseman track being what it is today

A heavenly scent surrounded us from the many different types of wild flowers at Grevillea Hill.

Then we arrived at The Breakaways -
and my chocolate cake drizzled with icing was as good in real life as I had believed it to be from the photos!

After thoroughly embarrassing 'Himself' by doing my little happy dance in full view of all the other campers, we found a spot to set up the tent and settle in for a couple of days.

We saw many other formations which impressed - a skull watched closely every time I walked to the toilet, the alligator checking as people came in to the campsite, the 'wrong end' of a dog ....

The plateau in the middle is also very interesting - I wish I could step back in time to see what this area was like before it became a pile of rubble. A stroll through the group area further back gives up some interesting flowers which totally surprised me.

We spent a pleasant couple of days chatting with many different people, in many different set ups.
Couples in large caravans, families in little poptops, an A-van, a Kombi, and a rooftop tent.

It was great hearing stories of how their own particular set ups helped or hindered them in different situations over the years.
The progressions from one set up to the next is almost as varied as the accommodation on show.

Down to 10litres of water we were faced with the option to wash our clothes or stay hydrated.
The lure of a hot shower and washing machine in Norseman helped us decide to move on.

Life IS Good! No matter how much manure you have to deal with - it's all just fertiliser ;)
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