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Baz - The Landy

Photos and story: Baz - The Landy

I have always liked reflecting on a couple of quotes made famous by Forrest Gump in the movie starring Tom Hanks…they sum up life perfectly!

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get”

“I don’t know if we each have a destiny, or if we’re all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze, but I, I think it’s both”.

As some will know, apart from spending as much time as I can in the Outback, I have been on a mission to climb amongst the world’s highest mountain peaks and this year I had two trips planned in Nepal.

But isn’t it funny how priorities in your life can change!

Recently, my sister was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness that is incurable; she is facing it courageously. And I’m pleased to say that Deb’s treatment is progressing in line with expectations, but there are good days and not so good days.

Her spirit is amazing, in true Aussie style!

A few weeks back I was sitting on the couch, pondering life in general, as I am inclined to do, and realised that I no longer felt the compelling urge or need to head to Nepal this year, but I wanted to go touring the great Australian Outback with my family and sister…

And yes, I’ve never needed any encouragement to get Out and About – my love of Australia and the Outback is almost as great as the love I share for my family.

Time is always the great challenge, especially when still struggling with a career and the bills of a growing teenager, but this Easter we have set aside time to do an “Ocean to the Outback Tour” – The Wide Bay Burnett Region to Trilby Station near Louth.

Mind you, there won’t be too much red dust, but hey, touring is touring in my book, just as long as you make the most of the time spent and enjoy the ride!

Many will be familiar with Trilby as it was the setting for the last National Gathering of EO members and the region is a destination in its own right.

One particular place of interest nearby to Trilby is Toorale NP, which up until recently has been a “closed” park, but I was recently informed this is changing and parts of it will be opened to the public in the not too distant future. We are hoping to spend some more time exploring the park after having a private tour a couple of years back.

Of course another feature of the area that we will be sure to visit is the magnificent tribute at Louth of the love a man had for his wife, and you can read some more about it in a story I penned "Love in the Outback - An Ethereal Experience".

Later in the year we are planning to return to the Great Victoria Desert and Sandy Blight Junction area – there is much more to see and do out there having whet our appetite last year with a trip along the Anne Beadell Highway and Sandy Blight Junction Track – we are hoping Deb can join us, and if not, perhaps we’ll find somewhere a little less remote where she can…

Yep, life sure is like a box of chocolates…!

Just in case you were wondering “Baz – The Landy” came about as a consequence of owning three Land Rover Defenders, but as you can see this has now changed...

And yes, thank you, I've recovered fully from the experience!

But “Baz – The Landy” reference has stuck...!

Cheers, Baz – The Landy, Outback Australia…
“Those who don’t think
it can be done shouldn’t
bother the person doing it…”
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