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Baz - The Landy

Story & Photos: Baz – The Landy

Update: 15 June, 2015 (Update to Modifications - Rapid Dual Tuning Box, Redback 3" Exhaust,Tru-Tracker wheel offset correction, and clutch upgrade to 4-Terrain)

Whilst it has been some time in the making the new “Landy” (strewth, did I say that?) is finally completed and has already had one run into the outback.

Mrs Landy said the other day, "Baz, The Landy make-over is finished - the bank account has spoken".

The choice of vehicle was driven by the need to have a Dual Cab vehicle capable of towing our TVAN camper trailer into remote areas and whilst it is a completely different vehicle to the Defender 130, we modelled the design around the same theme; an alloy canopy on the back to store camping gear and equipment.

We are very happy with our choice, with Mrs Landy quipping it is great to finally move out of the 19th century and into something a little more modern – and whilst I was always fond of the Defenders, I can’t help but agree!

Our next trip will put it through its paces as we head across the Anne Beadell Highway and back along the Sandy Blight Junction, into far-western Queensland and a trip down through Birdsville and Innamincka before heading back to Sydney.

You can read some more about this trip here.

The V8 Turbo Diesel engine has been welcomed and no longer are we standing at the ready to get out and push it over the Blue Mountains as we exit Sydney to the west.

Something the Defender 130 threatened us with on many occasions.

The space in the rear is not a problem for us, Mr and Mrs Landy that is, as TomO is usually in the back and he is yet to sprout. But overall I give it a big tick for comfort whilst acknowledging the base I was going from!

One area that I have fielded a couple of questions on is the amount of overhang on the rear, which seems to be more pronounced on the Dual Cab. I put this down to an illusionary distortion as the actual dimensions of the Dual Cab, with the shortened tray back, is precisely the same as the Single Cab with a full size tray back.

And whilst the GVM has been upgraded using a Lovell's upgrade kit to 3,900 kilograms from the standard 3,300 kilograms it doesn’t follow that we load the vehicle to that capacity, in fact it would not be possible.

In touring configuration with the TVAN in tow, full fuel (250 litres), three occupants, and our gear, the total weight of the vehicle is around 3,580kg. This is 280 kilograms above the standard GVM, hence the requirement to upgrade the GVM.

An important, but often overlooked consideration when loading a vehicle is the weight that can be loaded on both the front and the rear axles. The GVM upgrade enables a greater loading on each axle and we ensure the vehicle is loaded within these certified parameters.

And whilst the size of the canopy suggests the vehicle can be “loaded to the hilt” this isn’t the case, and in fact much of the remaining excess allowable weight can only be loaded onto the front axle, meaning it cannot necessarily be loaded to the approved 3,900 kilogram as the rear axle is the limiting factor.

The canopy was designed to provide a range of loading options and loading within the canopy is mostly centered over, or as close as possible to the rear axle.

Update (27 May 2015) "The Landy" has had the Tru tracker rear wheel modification completed to adjust the rear track of the vehicle. You can read more about it in the blog titled
"A Flaw in the 70 Series Toyota's (And a Solution)"

Toyota 79 Series Dual Cab with Alloy Canopy
(Update: June, 2015)

Under the bonnet & Mechanicals

. Additional fuel filter (Fuel Tamer)
. Rapid Performance (Dual) Tuning Module to improve performance
. Redback Extreme Heavy Duty 3” Exhaust
. EGT Gauge to monitor the EGT Temperature
(Tuning Box and Exhaust Installed by Turbo Engineering, Melbourne)
. 4-Terrain Heavy Duty Clutch (Toyota replaced at 48,000klm)

Out front

. ARB Steel-bull bar with side protection
. Heavy duty electric winch
. IPF 900 XS driving lights
. Safari Snorkel

Suspension (By Traceast Engineering, Morrisett, NSW)

. Lovell’s GVM Upgrade kit
(3,900kg – usually, however I have the GVM recorded at 3,780kg due to other modifications that are affected by GVM limitations)

. Tru-Tracker wheel modification to correct front/rear wheel offset (MDT Engineering, Geelong)

(The Tru-tracker is a fully-engineered and compliant modification to correct the 95mm offset, but is limited to GVM of 3,780kg)


. Toyo M55 265/75/16R
. Doran 360 Tyre Pressure monitor


. Codan NGT HF Radio & 3040 Auto-tune antenna
. GME TX 4600 UHF Radio
. GME AE4006 UHF Antenna (8.1 dBi)
. Satphone
. VS X523 GPS with Hema Mapping & OziExplore Software

Energy Management (Installation by Braggs Auto-Electrics, Carlingford, NSW)

. Redarc 120 watt solar panels (two)
. Redarc BMS 1215 battery management system
. Redarc Pure Sine Wave Inverter
. 150 AMP Gel Battery


. Department of Interior Overhead & Centre consoles

Fuel (By Out of Town 4WD, Newcastle, NSW)

. Long-ranger 180-litre main tank & 80-litre auxiliary tank
. Terrain Tamer Fuel filter with remote water-sensor

The Canopy (Manufacturer by Dave’s Metal Products, Wetherill Park, NSW)

. Engel 60 Litre fridge on MSA drop-slide
. 150 AMP Gel Battery
. Redarc battery management system
. Outboard mounting bracket

At the Rear

. Track TVAN (Canning)

Canopy Mural

Designed in conjunction with Brad and team at Outback Signs, Freeman’s Reach (Sydney).

We wanted to give it a unique feature that reflects the use it will be put to – City to the Outback!

Just in case you were wondering “Baz – The Landy” came about as a consequence of owning three Land Rover Defenders, but as you can see this has now changed...

And yes, thank you, I've recovered fully from the experience!

But “Baz – The Landy” reference has stuck...!

Cheers, Baz – The Landy, Outback Australia…
“Those who don’t think
it can be done shouldn’t
bother the person doing it…”
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