Red Sand and Blue Skies - A Trip to the Western Deserts

Thursday, Jul 16, 2015 at 03:51

Baz - The Landy

Story & photos: Baz – The Landy

I’m less than a couple of weeks away from departing for the desert areas of Central and Western Australia to travel into some of the most remote, inhospitable, but uniquely beautiful areas Australia has to offer.

“The Landy” will be pointed westward over the Blue Mountains in late July on what will be a journey taking about seven weeks to complete and covering over 10,000 kilometres in distance. I will cross Australia from east to west using the Great Central road and even spend some time at Uluru to explore “The Rock” – despite extensive travel in Australia’s outback I have never visited previously.

And after sitting in front of a trading screen digesting the global financial markets as a “day job” I’m looking forward to the “change is as good as a holiday” as I’m feeling a touch overweight and a touch under-exercised presently – but there is nothing like a trip into the bush, the outback to fix that!

Travelling with a small group of like-minded people we will make our way towards the deserts ofWestern Australia where we will assist traditional landowners built some infrastructure, including shelters to use when they visit this remote part of Australia. And with some luck, time left over to do some exploration of the region as we pass through...

I have always been fascinated by Aboriginal Culture and the Australian Aborigines have a rich heritage and association with our great sunburnt country that dates over 40,000 years. Mind you, it was only in the late 1970s that an old couple, Warri and Yatungka, came in from the desert not too far from where we will be travelling, having lived a traditional lifestyle with no European contact.

You can read more about their remarkable story in the book "The Last of the Nomads" by WJ Peasley.

Our travel will be along remote tracks that are covered in spinifex grass and much of it will be in areas where no tracks or roads exist, but our small team is being expertly led by someone who has travelled extensively in the region over the past decade and has a wealth of knowledge on the area.

As you would expect there is a reasonable amount of planning that goes into this type of expedition, including water and food supply, as well as vehicle preparation and I have enjoyed this part of the trip as it helps to build towards the excitement of pointing yourself down the driveway and heading off.

After dropping our son TomO off on a 3-week school camp, Janet (Mrs Landy) will join me at Uluru for the return trip journey to Sydney, which will include a trip down the Oodnadatta Track and a visit to the Painted Desert. The last time we visited this area “The Crown Prince” was not long out of nappies!

My choice of vehicle and one well suited for Australia’s harsh outback, is the Toyota Landcruiser in its various forms. “The Landy” is a 79 Series Dual Cab that has been specifically modified, including upgraded suspension, specific tyres, and additional fuel tanks, to enable long-range travel in the outback.

You can read some more about "The Landy's" transformation here..

On this trip I will be carrying 400 litres of fuel (260 litres in tanks) for the remote area work we will be undertaking, which will total near to 2,000 kilometres.

The ability to communicate from remote areas has improved greatly, however I expect there will be times when this is not possible, at least this is the line I have run with at work to avoid those “peskie” calls when you’re Out and About having fun…

I do look forward to building on the experience and sharing it over time and as communications allow, but in the least I will endeavour to get some great photos of our magnificent outback that I can share with you…

Just in case you were wondering “Baz – The Landy” came about as a consequence of owning three Land Rover Defenders, but as you can see this has now changed...

And yes, thank you, I've recovered fully from the experience!

But “Baz – The Landy” reference has stuck...!

Cheers, Baz – The Landy, Outback Australia…
“Those who don’t think
it can be done shouldn’t
bother the person doing it…”
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