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Arkaroola 4WD Loop

Location: SA - Flinders Ranges

The Arkaroola-Mt Painter Wilderness Sanctuary provides some of the most exciting off-road tracks in SA. The Echo Camp Track & backtracks wind their way through the impossibly steep mountains and deep

Updated: 18 Mar 2015

Birdsville Track Overall Rating: 3.67/5

Location: SA - SA Deserts

The Birdsville Track runs south from Birdsville to Maree and passes through the Sturt Stony Desert. It is an extremely remote region but is strikingly beautiful in its harshness.

Updated: 04 Aug 2020

Bunyeroo Gorge Scenic Drive

Location: SA - Flinders Ranges

If there is just one drive in the Flinders Ranges that you have time to drive, then the Bunyeroo Gorge Scenic Drive is one of the finest scenic routes not to miss.

Updated: 08 Apr 2015

Chowilla Old Coach Road

Location: SA - Adelaide and Hills

From forests of large River Red Gums to dense lignum scrublands of the backwaters and billabongs, the Old Coach Road offers everything that you would expect from an outback trip.

Updated: 14 Feb 2013

Coffin Bay

Location: SA - Eyre

The Coffin Bay penninsula is a large wilderness area, almost surrounded by water, reaching out into Great Australian Bight. It is situated at the southern-most tip of the Eyre Penninusula near Port

Updated: 25 Jul 2013

Coorong National Park Waterways

Location: SA - Adelaide and Hills

There are some times when great destinations can only be visited by either foot or water. This predominantly boating trek note lets those with access to watercraft,

Updated: 09 Mar 2010

Cordillo Downs

Location: SA - SA Deserts

This is the main route from Innamincka to Birdsville. The track is about 420km and conditions vary greatly. The countryside is a seemingly endless gibber plain but this is Australia's prime cattle

Updated: 03 Jun 2015

Dalhousie to Finke via Bloods Ck

Location: SA - SA Deserts

This trek connects the Red Centre and the Simpson Desert but also intersects the Old Ghan in numerous places and provides an interesting drive.

Updated: 04 Aug 2013

Dares Hill Tourist Drive

Location: SA - Adelaide and Hills

From Ancient Aboriginal Rock engravings and painting, Historic old Ruins from bygone years through to the Worlds Greatest Merino Sheep Stud,

Updated: 18 Mar 2010

Dig Tree Circuit

Location: SA - SA Deserts

This loop trek from Innamincka will take you on a historic adventure, heading towards The Burke and Wills "Dig Tree", which is one of Australia's national icons and an enduring reminder of our

Updated: 26 May 2019


Location: SA - Adelaide and Hills

This trek covers the eastern, southern and western coastal regions of the peninsula and offers a variety of contrasts of wild beaches, excellent coastal scenery, great family seaside towns,

Updated: 28 Nov 2017

Flinders Ranges

Location: SA - Flinders Ranges

The Flinders Ranges is semi-arid, harsh yet beautiful. There are many unique features here including gorges, ramparts and dry creekbeds.

Updated: 26 May 2020

Gammon Ranges Bunyip Chasm Overall Rating: 1/5

Location: SA - Flinders Ranges

The drive into the Gammon Ranges National Park will reward you with spectacular views of rugged terrain, chasms and deep gorges, towering mountains, tree-lined creeks and freshwater springs.

Updated: 13 Jan 2020

Gawler Ranges Overall Rating: 4/5

Location: SA - Eyre

This rarely used route is a great alternative to crossing the Eyre Highway from Ceduna through to Port Augusta. Passing through the ranges and saltbush country there is the option to head further

Updated: 23 Feb 2020

Glass Gorge Scenic Drive

Location: SA - Flinders Ranges

An alternative to Parachilna Gorge, the Glass Gorge Scenic Drive between Blinman and Parachilna offers some stunning scenery and a chance to visit one of the best mining ruins in the Flinders Ranges

Updated: 25 Nov 2009

Googs Track Overall Rating: 4.50/5

Location: SA - Eyre

A most adventurous short-cut for those travelling from the west to Coober Pedy & the Alice. Excellent views and plenty of wildlife, featuring memorials dedicated to Goog and Dinger,

Updated: 22 Sep 2015

Innamincka Memorials and Markers

Location: SA - SA Deserts

This trek which lies purely in the Innamincka Regional Reserve follows the memorials, markers and waterholes along Cooper Creek and includes the 15 Mile Track, and Nappa Merrie Road.

Updated: 12 Aug 2014

Inside Track

Location: SA - SA Deserts

The Inside Track was gazetted as a public road on 16th January 2002 and provides an alternative route that is also 35km shorter than the main Birdsville Track.

Updated: 25 Sep 2015

Maralinga Range Tour

Location: SA - SA Deserts

See first hand an area that for decades has been out of bounds to all but Government Officials and learn about Australia's Nuclear past.

Updated: 16 Feb 2017

Maralinga via Colona Overall Rating: 5/5

Location: SA - SA Deserts

Maralinga is set to become one of Australia's top outback travel destinations where you will see first hand an area that was classified as one on Australia's most secretive places for decades.

Updated: 07 Jan 2014

Maralinga via Nullarbor Roadhouse

Location: SA - SA Deserts

For the more adventurous driver, this route will take you through the very heart of the Nullarbor Plain. It is recommended that you have a very good navigation system,

Updated: 07 Jan 2014

Moralana Scenic Drive

Location: SA - Flinders Ranges

The Moralana Scenic Drive connects the main Hawker - Wilpena and Hawker - Parachilna Roads via a good dirt road that offers stunning scenery and features like Wilpena Pound Range, Bunbinyunna Range,

Updated: 03 Apr 2017

Morgan Historic Walk

Location: SA - Adelaide and Hills

There are many times when making the most of many scenic or historic places, the best way to see them is to venture out on foot. This short,

Updated: 03 Apr 2008

Mt Dare to Oodnadatta via Dalhousie

Location: SA - SA Deserts

This trek provides an easy opportunity to access Dalhousie Springs, one of the main icons of the Simpson Desert without a significant detour if touring between South Australia and the Red Centre.

Updated: 23 Mar 2015
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