Electricity for Camping

Member: Member - John and Val 

Revised March 2013 On an extended trip it's good to have some of the comforts of home. Electricity is obviously one of them and a good system can make all the ...

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Creating the dream off-roader - Modifications and Improvements August 2012

Member: Mick O 

October 2012 - It had been just on two years since the initial vehicle build was finished. I say “Initial build” because as anyone who enjoys building or preparing their ...

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Our Troopy Set-Up

Member: Member - John and Val 

. Troopys are very capable and adaptable – not overly beautiful or comfortable, but big, powerful and pretty much unstoppable. They are a purposeful vehicle,...

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Anne Beadell Highway 2010

Member: Member - Stephen L (Clare SA) 

Anne Beadell Highway Trip 10th – 16th August 2010 After 6 Days on the road since leaving our home in Clare SA, it was time to start our next part of our trip and head back ...

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WA - Kalbarri, Kennedy Ranges, Karijini to Kalgoorlie and many places on the way. Winter 2009

Member: Member-Heather MG NSW 

June 10th Kalbarri Yesterday we took the road north from Geraldton and turned west at Northhampton to drive along the coastal route to Kalbarri....

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Product Review No.4 - Redarc BMS1215 / Redarc BCDC 1220 DCDC charger/SBI212 Smart solenoid

Member: Mick O 

– You live or die by the quality and reliability of your DC power system (well death might be overstating it but warm beer is not living my friend!...

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Travelling Tasmania with caravan, hiking boots & tinnie - a work in progress

Member: Member-Heather MG NSW 

A record of our eight weeks exploring Tasmania Day 1. Our trip began on the 22nd of January when we set out from our home on the South Coast NSW for Melbourne where we were ...

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Queensland Adventures Winter 2008

Member: Member-Heather MG NSW 

Queensland Adventures In early April about 4 weeks before we were due to take off for our four month Winter adventure we traded our 16 ft Freedom Jayco pop-top for a new ...

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Reseating a tubeless tyre using butane gas and other volatile substances - Safety advice edited 2015

Member: Mick O 

Reseating a tubeless tyre in outback conditions can often prove problematic, especially when using the stronger sidewall, 'Light Truck" construction type 4x4 tyres....

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The Pilbara - The Oakover River Country to Rudall River & Hanging Rock.

Member: Mick O 

Saturday 4th July 2009 Hanging Rock, Rudall River National Park 22 30 18.26 S 121 39 57.0 E A day of achievement today despite the gloomy weather....

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The Spectacular Karlamilyi (Rudall River) National Park - Some history, highlights and places.

Member: Mick O 

At 1,283,706 hectares (12837 square km), the Karlamilyi (previousely Rudall River) National Park is the largest national park in Western Australia and one of the largest in the ...

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Qld 2010 Part 2 (From Charters Towers north to Cooktown then South, all places to Home)

Member: Member-Heather MG NSW 

Sunday 16th Charters Towers Tourist Park? (Top Tourist) $22.50 for members. We left Theresa Creek around 8am in cloudy weather topped up the diesel in Clermont and were ...

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Travels in The South West of Western Australia

Member: Member-Heather MG NSW 

17th April Cape Le Grand National Park - Lucky Bay campground. The ocean rhythms lulled us to sleep last night after a long day mostly spent sitting in the car looking at ...

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Acacia - or Wattle. To celebrate Wattle Day, September 1st.

Member: Member - John and Val 

. Have you ever wondered why our national colours are green and gold? Australia's National Floral Emblem, seen on Australia’s Coat of Arms, is Acacia pycnantha,...

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Birdsville Track – Cooper Creek Crossing Trip June Long Weekend 2010

Member: Member - Stephen L (Clare SA) 

Brief Pre Trip Events Since early in 2010 I had been following with great interest the massive rains that deluged outback Queensland....

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One Woman - One Dog - 7000kms - 3 weeks - NSW/QLD/NT/SA/NSW - An adventure of a lifetime

Member: Campergirl 

Plans change. I learnt that on the second day of my first solo outback journey. Destination - Alice Springs for the Finke Desert Race....

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Product Review No. 2 - Engel 75Lt Combo fridge/freezer & the Platinum Drop Slide (update Jan 2019)

Member: Mick O 

As I purchased and used so many different products and components in the build of the 79 series ute, I thought I would provide some assessment and review of those products from ...

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Product Review No 6 - Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) - Sensatyre & Tyredog Systems

Member: Mick O 

Questions about Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) appear quite regularly on many popular vehicle and travel forums....

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Product Review No.1 - Toyo Open Country MT tyres (285/75-R16) & Speedie 16x8 "Sunraysia" steel rims

Member: Mick O 

As I purchased and used so many different products and components in the build of the 79 series ute, I thought I would provide some assessment and review of those products from ...

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Kyogle NSW to Theresa Creek Dam in Qld April and May 2010 - Fishing, Bushwalking and places to stay

Member: Member-Heather MG NSW 

This is a journal of our travels and experiences - Kyogle in NSW to Lake Broadwater Conservation Park, Bjelke Petersen Dam, Lake Monduran and Theresa Creek Dam in Qld....

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Roxby Downs Sturt Desert Pea display 23rd – 24th October 2010

Member: Member - Stephen L (Clare SA) 

The first European to see a Sturt Desert Pea in flower was English Explorer and Navigator, William Dampier, when on the on 22 August 1699 on Rosemary Island in the Dampier ...

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True remote Simpson Desert Travel - Simpson Geo Expedition ‘06

Member: Member - Stephen L (Clare SA) 

Having been bitten by the Simpson Desert bug many years previous, the time had now come to look for a new challenge and to test my skills in true remote outback travel....

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Shackle Road Drive - Kangaroo Island

Member: Member - Stephen L (Clare SA) 

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third largest Island and is very unique in both terms of Fauna and Flora with many species found no where else living or growing naturally in ...

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Meandering North around WA (Guilderton to Greenough/Geraldton) 2009

Member: Member-Heather MG NSW 

13th May Guilderton Caravan Park We arrived in this little seaside town around mid afternoon after searching for a suitable overnight stay in a free camp....

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Spring Gully Conservation Park & Eucalyptus macrorhyncha - Red Stringybark

Member: Member - Stephen L (Clare SA) 

Following through on the posts that Val has started on the Forum, Wildflowers, Photos… I wish to post this follow u

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