Wildflowers in the outback

Friday, Apr 11, 2014 at 16:30

Kilcowera Station Stay

Spring and late winter is the best time for perennial wildflowers in my part of the outback.
The top picture shows Silver turkey bush which flowers profusely in late winter, it’s colours range from dark purple through to a nice lilac colour. It’s very good at staking motorbike tyres!

The Cassias are next and they flower for months, this one we call broom bush or punty bush.
The Eremophila family is huge and we have lots of them here at Kilcowera, the prettiest and showiest of them all is sturtii, common name in our neck of the woods is False Sandalwood. Also Eremophyla maculata is pretty nice too.
The colours range from a pale pink through to dark lilac. When they get to the end of their flowering period the ground around is covered in blossom and the bush still has white bracts all over and looks like it has been frosted This bush is considered to be a woody weed but redeems itself for a month or so each year by the display it puts on.

Then the acacias start flowering and they are always spectacular.
This one is Acacia victoriae.
And this one we call dead finish, it’s super prickly and Zebra Finches really love building their nests in them for protection from predators.

Other trees and shrubs flowering are the Leopard Trees, Whitewood, Needlewoods and the Bloodwoods should start soon. All this means lots of food for the bees, insects and birds. We also have an abundance of Bearded Dragons, Goannas and Emus around.

Lucy in the wildflowers, Kilcowera Station, Outback Australia.
Kilcowera Station Stay
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