Batteries Radios and Fridges Part 1- 1. Do I need a fridge for 4WD Touring or a 4WD Tag-Along tour?

Sunday, Jun 13, 2021 at 10:06

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Let's talk fridges, batteries and radios for 4wd touring such as 4wd tag-along tours. Part 1.

1. Do I need a fridge for 4WD Touring or a 4WD Tag-Along tour?

The simple answer is- No.

Len Beadell ( didn't have a fridge. Reg and Griselda Sprigg ( didn't have a fridge. My Dad working as a stockman in remote camps didn't have a fridge. Some tour participants on my tours, who have come from Europe, didn't have fridges.

You know, if you hike some of the best trails on this planet, (eg Appalachian Trail) it will take you several years to complete and you won't be able to take a fridge. So an 8 day trip across the Simpson for example, is nothing by comparison.

You should be aware that it does limit your food choices, but that can be exciting too- learning what works.

There are many great foods that you can carry without a fridge. We pride ourselves in assisting people to plan meals for such trips whether they have a fridge or not. It's actually a really fun thing to do, to work out what creative things you can come up with besides the typical freeze dried options- which are good too.

If you still must have some fresh food, at least for the first few days, you can use a really good quality icebox. Freeze some plastic bottles half-full of water at your point of departure and have your perishable food in the fridge or feezer ready to go in the icebox. We have participants stay in a cabin or motel on the night prior to departure where they freeze water bottles and even freeze pre-cooked meals such as curry or spag bog. These also help keep the icebox cool. In fact pre-cooked and frozen meals are ideal for the transit from home to the start of a tour. eg Brisbane to Alice Springs. Once in Alice Springs, you can buy or cook meals and freeze them ready for departure.

In many aboriginal communities to date, there as been very little fresh food, it is mostly canned and processed. While this is not healthy for the long term, you can come up with some pretty decent meals and it won't hurt to eat such foods for a few days or even weeks. It certainly didn't hurt my Dad.

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