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If you have a smartphone and open the ExplorOz website you should automatically be redirected to our Mobile Site, however it is another "site" altogether. The mobile site is of course designed and simplified for touch screen navigation rather than mouse and keyboard and since ExplorOz is a complex site, some site sections are simply not practical to offer on the mobile site at all.

For example, the mapping is not offered in Places or Treks although EOTopo online maps are available which is great because it offers you moving map navigation.

Our mobile site is not an app that you download from the App Store or Play Store, but it is a web-app. How it works is that if you follow a link to the full ExplorOz website -, our server can detect small screen resolutions and will automatically redirect you to the, (mobile site).

Alternatively you can use the internet browser on your phone to go directly to

If you are using an iPad or large screen tablet the default is the full site but you can click the button at the bottom right of the pages to switch to the mobile version if you prefer (mobile ready pages only).

From the mobile site you can get to the Articles, Places, ExplorOz Trek Notes, EOTopo, Shop, Classifieds & Forum. However, there are some limitations - for example in the Forum on the mobile site, there is no "Thanks" button, but reading the posts are very clear. Personally, I have the mobile site bookmarked to the Forum on my phone with an icon on my phone's home screen.

Note: Blogs, User Treks, and EOTrackMe are still yet to be converted to the mobile site, so until this stage of the mobile development is done, you will need to use the Full Site to get there.

If you happen to take a link from a page in the mobile site to a page on ExplorOz that hasn't been reformatted to the mobile version, you'll be diverted to the full site to enable reading of that page. If you then move to a page that is available in mobile format it will automatically divert back to the mobile site.

At any time, you can manually switch between the Full Site and Mobile Site using the links at the bottom of the screen.

How to Bookmark the ExplorOz Mobile Site

**Instructions may vary slightly for differing devices**

When you open the mobile site from an Apple device (ie. iPhone/iPad/iPod), a message will pop up over the page suggesting that you download the web-app (as shown here). If you go ahead with this, the ExplorOz icon will automatically be saved to your phone for future use!

When you access the Mobile Site via the web-app a photographic cover screen will appear that looks like this. After a short moment it will automatically take you to the standard Mobile Site Home Page.

For Android users, you can bookmark the webaddress to your phone using the save bookmark option. Be sure to add a shortcut to your Home screen and you'll get the ExplorOz icon for future one-click access to the Mobile Site in the same way as the web app.

History & Development of the ExplorOz Mobile Site

Until now, the Mobile Site has been very much a beta-version and for this reason we have not been ready to promote it. In fact, 41% of people responding to our current survey said they did not know we had a mobile site and from that only 13% said they had tried using it. However 72% of people responding to the survey said they'd like to see us continue to develop the mobile site with Places being the area of most interest.

Questions? Comments?

If you have any questions or comments, please feel welcome to discuss it here using the comment box. Our aim is to bring you the most practical solutions for your mobile browsing of ExplorOz but we need to hear what you think to know what works, what doesn't, what you think it needs to "do" etc.
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