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Thursday, Jun 20, 2013 at 20:04


EO Key: New Members security system created that allows family & friends to be given the EO Key which will unlock member protected content. This system was an extension of what was offered in EOTrackMe Devices and extends the secure data functionality. The EO Key settings are shown in the My Profile tab and allows you to enter up to 20 chars as the key/password.

EOTrackMe: All password protected devices converted to support EO Key security system. Updates to all methods and image class required to change from Device password to EO Key system

Blogs: Major updates to support EO Key security for entries. Also support for auto key locking blogs submitted via the email system.

Blogs: Implementation of Draft/Invisible blogs. This update allows you to now create a new blog and leave it invisible so that you can build and save it as you go. You can also take down existing entries and make the hidden.

Blogs: Search output was showing the wrong order for the results. It was showing sorted based on updated age and not search rank. This has been resolved so blog search will return results in Ranked order.
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