My WA Wildflowers shots from late 2009

Tuesday, Dec 08, 2009 at 08:54

MEMBER - Darian, SA

Had a great time touring the SW region of WA later in 2009. After crossing the Nullabor from Adelaide, we went down to the Lucky Bay / Esperance area and then dawdled west to Augusta/Cape Leeuwin, taking in all towns and some National Parks along the way. Highlights included the Fitzgerald River and Stirling Ranges National Parks - some truly wonderful flowers were seen in those regions. Note that we didn't really see any 'fields' of wildflowers like the tourist brochures often show (cue a young attractive couple, sitting in a wildflower meadow, just before they scoot off to a winery / cafe / bistro / motel complex !). And it is true that you have to get out of the car and go trekking, to see the really good flowers. Amazingly, many of the best examples are to be found on disturbed (even burnt) ground, near roadsides - the wind blown seeds must get more sun and water in that local environment and they often proliferate within a couple of metres of passing traffic ! As friends have reminded me, the WA flowers have incredible resilience and they seem capable of growing in the most impoverished soils and the most adverse circumstances; gravel dumps, rubbish tips, building sites and even close to lapping seawater... you name it. Anyway - please excuse my attempt at photography - every time I go on a trip, I can't remember the tactics I learned on the previous trip. Notes: Some are taken in macro mode; many of the best flowers are very small and you need to get down on the ground to appreciate them. Thanks a lot to Exploroz members Tony Smith, John and Val and Motherhen for identifying some of the flower names. Missing names will be added when known. CLICK ON ANY IMAGE, for a larger view.
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