Air bags as suspension or in aditition to springs.

Friday, Jul 06, 2012 at 08:49

Billion Star Camper

About to purchase a new 4x4 ute. I am used to having good ride quality. Will get a lift kit or similar to get better ground clearance. In talking to well known brand accessory supplier, he said he did not like air bags with springs as it turns the springs into bricks.
I have seen ads for air bags that appear to replace springs entirely.
I do not like the idea of driving a ute with Heavy Duty leaf springs that 80% of the time are on an empty ute.
Has anyone had experience with air bags only? They seem to solve all my problems as they can match all loads. But will they survive the Canning?
What about air bags turning springs into bricks. Does anyone agree with that?



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