Roads and Tracks We Have Traveled (Part one Intro)

Wednesday, Feb 15, 2012 at 07:52

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This series will be based on our many travels across the continent, but because of the digital support will relate mainly to the last five or six years. We have been to some memorable places including :-
- the desert tracks of WA,
- the Pilbara and coastline south and north of Broome,
- the kimberlies,
- the Canning Stock route,
- Western Qld and the Gulf country,
- the Centre,
- Tasmania and the Eastern Highlands and of course
- most of the Eastern Coastline.
Some of these destinations will form the basis of the series to follow.

Since our retirement back in 2000 we have managed to travel thousands of kilometers, largely to escape the Victorian winter but also to for fill our post retirement goal to travel widely. The accompanying map is an attempt to document the tracks we have covered (although it is a little hard to comprehend). Many of the places we have visited we have returned to and no doubt will do so again.
I realise that many of the readers will have had greater experiences and traveled more extensively and adventurously than we have. Part of my reason in writing these blogs however, is to give some impetus to others to set their sights beyond the bitumen and to experience this great country of ours.
To wet the appetite, a prelude to some of the areas that will be covered in the series.
In Part 2 I will concentrate on the desert areas of WA. We have made three excursions out into this magnificent region since 2005, where the deserts are alive with flora and fauna, history and marvelous hidden treasures to explore. The first was the Canning in 2005 from north to south, followed by the Anne Beadell Hwy the top half of the Connie Sue, the Gary Hwy and back via the Gary Junction Hwy (2007). In 2008 we drove the Connie Sue from Cockabiddy, the Hunt Oil Road to the Gunbarrel and North West into the Pilbara.

Next a look at the Pilbara one of the most spectacular and colourful regions in Australia. We have traveled through parts of it on four occasions since we retired, what a great region it is.

The coast line South and North of beautiful Broome has to be one of the prettiest coastlines in Australia. This is a great introduction to what the Kimberlies have to offer. They are a long way from Central Victoria but we will return again for a fourth visit.

Lets not forget however that there is magnificent country in the Southern states. The Victorian High Country is just so full of adventurous tracks and consequently very popular during holiday times, picking just when to go plays an important part of trip planning. Then again driving through Tasmania can be amongst other things ...breath taking. What a contrast to Northern Australia.

Part two will focus on our 2007 and 2008 trips into the Western Deserts along the Beadell Roads.
We retired to travell
It's time to go again...
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