Roads and Tracks We Have Traveled (Part two A The flora of The Western Deserts)

Friday, Feb 24, 2012 at 08:31

Member - Michael John T (VIC)

Natures Garden: This is a follow up to part two of our experience in the Great Victorian and Gibson deserts following the len Beadell Roads. In 2007 we drove the Anne Beadell, the Connie Sue then onto the Gunbarrel via the Heather Hwy. At Everret Junction we turned North along the Gary Hwy and back to the Centre along the Gary Junction Road.
Part two described this trip and mentioned that in 2008 we again tackled the Connie Sue from its Southern point, onto the Hunt Oil Road and then West along the Gunbarrel to Wiluna and beyond.
The beauty of this area of Australia is just fantastic, the landscapes, the vegetation that varies by the minute, the birds, animals and the wild flowers are memorable and with the help of our many hundreds of photos have kept these trips alive for us. Given the opportunity we will return back out there.
Here I have recorded a selection of photos of wild flowers some of which I took but mostly taken by my wife Brenda. I have referred to out here as NATURES GARDEN and it surely is.
I apologise for not knowing the names of most of the plants. But here it is :-
The first series were taken along the Anne Beadell Hwy. Many of them were not always apparent until you actually got out and walked the bush. This part of the Great Victorian Desert had obviously had rain a few weeks earlier with the vegetation looking quite lush in places.

At this stage we reached Neale Junction and camped under the magnificent Marble Gums with their smooth white bark. From here we turned North along the Connie Sue making several short detours.

We are now 150 plus klms north on the Gunbarrel Hwy and heading west towards Everret Junction and the Gibson Desert..

From here we headed North along the Gary Hwy, a much more open environment, shrubs instead of large trees in many areas. We cross the tropic of Capricorn about 2/3 of the way along.

I think that will do, there were quite a few others we found, as I said its a prolific area for wild flowers, not in large masses but often hidden among the grasses and bushes.
We retired to travell
It's time to go again...
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