Mudgee to Darwin Day 9 Dalhousie Springs to Kulgera

Saturday, Jul 20, 2013 at 10:45

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Mudgee to Darwin Day 9 Dalhousie Springs to Kulgera

Blog and drive, listening to Fleetwood Mac (go the IPod!)

We were up this morning before dawn, and headed to the springs to watch the sun rise. What an awesome start to the day! There were lots of people just floating around in the warm water, with the steam rising and tiny fish nibbling on our feet. The dingoes had stolen a pair of thongs and one ugh boot from one family, they were hoping to find it lying around near the campsite, if not eaten. Then back to camp for brekkie and headed off. The road to Mt Dare was even worse than the road in via Pedirka! Highlights included Tenacity Bog, miles of gibber plains, and thousands of corrugations. We stopped at Mt Dare Hotel for a beer and a chat,it's a great facility and has very clean amenities.

After that we drove to Finke via New Crown, had a quick look in there, at the finish line (day 1) of the Finke Desert race track, and the sand covered AFL ground. On the road again, we dropped in to Lamberts Centre of Australia, about 13km off the main road depending on which track you chose I think. It was divided "highway" most of the way in, with frequent swapping opportunities when the other track may have looked better. Plentiful corrugations here too, with options including deep sand, ruts and mud if you wanted. Lamberts Centre had a big flagpole with an Aussie flag, a visitors book, and a dunny. We considered camping there but decided to push on to Kulgera. On the way, we saw many dopey cows and calves, who liked to wait till we were nearly upon them before high-tailing it off into the scrub.

A bit later... Now at Kulgera, sitting by the pig trying to keep warm. There's a cool breeze blowing, will be a cold night I think. The campground has mainly big caravans and campers, with the people inside keeping warm. a couple of camper trailers with fires, but overall everyone keeping to themselves. A couple of casualties today - we lost a couple of beer-cans due to the corrugations, and one of the hatches above the bed has come undone during the day and the motion has snapped one of its hinges. Clothes were jumbled all over the bed, having spilled out of two overhead hatches. Note to self - tighten all the latches on the overhead cupboards. Fuelled up at Kulgera at $2.05/litre.
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