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Monday, Feb 04, 2013 at 21:22

Mike & Amanda

Since the problem with Opal fuel, varnishes and gums blocking the fuel system during our Cape York trip as outlined in a previous blog, the LC200 VX Petrol has run without fault.

A couple of months ago we fitted a Kaymar bar, spare wheel carrier, jerry can holder and Long Ranger 180 litre tank. The thought was to eliminate root cause and negate/ minimise the need to carry jerry cans.

We left two weeks ago for a trip to Cape Arid towing the AORC Odyssey, full tanks, water and petrol and a very full load.

The VSC (vehicle stability control), transmission and 4LO alarms started flashing for seemingly no reason. This in effect disables VSC and 4LO.

We dropped into Katanning Great Southern Toyota where a very helpful Steve Sloan and Hash diagnosed fault code PO430 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 2). These guys provided superb customer service and I highly recommend this place...similar to Broome Toyota.

This alarm was reset but reappeared intermittently twice more during the trip (2000km).

On return, Melville Toyota had the car for two days. They eliminated leaky exhaust possible source and narrowed it down to a) faulty sensor and b) failed cat converter bank 2. After this they couldn't get the fault to recur or are unable to narrow the source further. Mike Dunn the Service Manager and Steve Hoggitt the Workshop Foreman were very helpful.

I picked the car up with the recommendation to a) try replacing all the sensors at $336 each, and if this fails replace the Cats and associated piping at $5,000.

The thinking is the previous fuel fault running lean for many kilometres may have damaged the cats.

I visited Genie Exhausts - before Cape York we had a quote from them to replace the whole exhaust or parts thereof, with 3"" mandrel SS hi flow etc etc to try and improve economy. There was a note on the quote that messing with the original cats could result in alarm fault codes. We didn't proceed at the time because the business case wasn't strong.

I visited Genie again and explained the issue. They have now sourced a new Magnaflow Euro 5 Cat which should not cause alarm codes. They can also source Bosch sensors at less than half the cost of the Toyota ones. We are taking a punt and will replace the exhaust (not headers) with all new cats and sensors plus high flow mufflers and 3" SS pipes. The whole cost is around $4k which is less than a Toyota cat.

I'll let you know the result - we are heading to Rudall in May and will need 4WD low so can't afford alarm codes disabling it. We have also made contact with Enginetronics in Myaree who are whizzes at messing with computers...(plan B).

Let's hope the next instalment is good news....

Mike & Amanda
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