Burton's Perth to Cape York Day -17 13 March 2012 Preparation

Tuesday, Mar 13, 2012 at 18:39

Mike & Amanda

The days are dragging…not really that long to go though! Two more jobs on the work calendar and then no more work for 4 months!!! :-)

Watching the weather with interest. Mt Dare is still closed and there are two big lows hovering – one near the WA/NT border and one off Port Hedland. These are both projected to turn into cyclones and combine with a low in the Bight to form a very big trough right across the centre…..the rainfall pattern looks a little scary….oh well there is always the winch!

Bought ourselves a Stone Stomper stone guard from Graham in SA. You always hear good press about them, so we splashed out and I fitted it to the Odyssey on Saturday. She was looking a little splattered from previous travels and when I spotted the replacement cost for a rear Cruiser window and rear light glass it was a no-brainer. Took about an hour all up and fitted in one go. I’m usually a measure once cut twice sort of mechanic….

Amanda has started the BIG SHOP. Our lounge room is littered with food containers. Visitors look on with amazement, each one asking, “how are you going to fit that in the camper trailer? Amanda has this down pat though, the old hand that she is (enough of the old!....). Even down to buying smaller pasta pieces with less airspace and therefore less volume! Taking the soda stream with three spare gas bottles means a large space saving – we don’t have to cart several bottles of fizzy drinks in the fridge…just make out own from the water tanks, one bottle in the fridge each time!

The Oddy toolbox is packed, just added the Aquasafe water purifier. This in combination with the BEST filter and the bilge pump should see us water full and safe. Final run of the Honda genny, spare spark plug, axe and bush saw we should be right!

We’ve now booked five days at Eliot Falls on the Cape. The decision was to base the trailer here and explore the OTL in the Cruiser. Don’t want to risk my bed….When we’ve finished exploring the south and north OTL we’ll hook up and head for the Jardine via the Development road.

The kids are becoming half excited and half sad at leaving school and their friends. I think these 4 months will be a watershed time for them in their development. Bribing them with three days on the Gold Coast at Treasure Island and the theme parks has helped. They are only just discovering electronic devices, games and the internet. They both have older iPhones without a SIM (mean Dad!), and yet have managed to hook into our wireless network and have a good time! We reached our quota very early this month, so off went the wireless until I suss out the suspects….who knows it could be a hacker down the street…anyway 4 months away from the internet, bad influences and just the deserts and bush can only be a positive thing – Dr Karl thinks so anyway!

Kate has decided that Lulu the Lemur from Madagascar is coming along on our trip as the family mascot. Lulu has travelled quite extensively and knows how to behave in the car. She likes watching the headrest DVD players just as much as Kate, and you guessed it, her favourite is Madagascar 1. Kate wants her to meet a Queensland spotted CusCus to see if they get on….keep your eye out for more on Lulu, she will be in many photos I’m sure.
Mike & Amanda
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