Burton's Perth to Cape York Day 1 31 March 2012 Jibberding Rocks,WA

Saturday, Mar 31, 2012 at 21:41

Mike & Amanda

We left Fremantle a little later than anticipated. Last minute jobs - mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters, screwing some old windows shut and trying to back up the work computers. We also had a terrible time trying to load up some portable hard drives for the HiTv headrests in the car. They defy logic requiring a fat32 file system that never works anyway. We ended up supplying Kate and Lulu with endless small thumb drives and last minute copied movies....

Final phone calls to the family and off, battling the freeway north, still a sense of unreality, excitement dimmed by the last minute rush getting ready.

We are now camped north of Wubin, at a roadside stop called Jibberding Rocks. It is quite warm and the flies are prolific and friendly. For the first time I pulled out the FOF net ( I could tell you what FOF means however it is quite to the point:-). The real find today was the bakery at Bindoon..oh la la - absolutely superb. Fantastic pies, cakes and extra kilos for all. Had to be the best gourmet coffee I've had in ages....yum!

The campfire is lit...this is a no firelighter fire! We grade fires by the number of firefighters required to light it. Tasmania required 2-3. WA usually requires 1, today this wood is exceptional, just requiring a couple of dry leaves and poof! It is however very hard and has already started to blunt the wood saw. There are no people here, just us, some beer, the kids drinking soda water, a great fire, the flies are gone and the evening crickets are singing. There is a slight breeze and the firewood is scented! This spot is the site of an old recreation centre from days gone by. There are signs of an old tennis court. It is shielded from the road by trees and bushes and no grey nomads!

We awe camped next to the famous rabbit proof fence..not much left, just some signs...and a fence....

The cruiser and trailer performed flawlessly, one fuel stop at Dalwallinu. Off to Walga Rocks near Cue tomorrow and the tale of the mysterious rock painting of the ancient two masted ship....
Mike & Amanda
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