Burton's Perth to Cape York - El Questro Emma Gorge 27 June 2011 Day 89

Sunday, Jul 29, 2012 at 17:24

Mike & Amanda

For our last day we drove back to the Gibb to visit our old friend, Emma Gorge. We have fond memories of the last visit when the kid’s were only 5 and 7 – they made it look easy then…let’s see how Grandmas and Grandad cope….chuckle….We borrowed the Resorts toilets before heading straight out…once again the place was packed. It’s fairly obvious that already the Kimberleys’ infrastructure is being stretched to the limit, this will become catastrophic if they bitumise and all the caravanners get in here…the Stations won’t be able to cope and the experience will change to being unpleasant, especially as already it is struggling.

The walk to Emma Gorge starts out a hot, sandy, narrow, winding track with little shade. Soon the rocks increase in frequency and size until we were clambering using hands and feet to negotiate our way along. The ferns have grown back in the Fern Pool area and that was very pretty. Turquoise Pool was deserted as we arrived so got some lovely photos of the amazing coloured water. Only 200m on we arrived at the falls. The raindrop falls floating seemingly from the sky were glistening in the sun with the main falls dropping down the back wall, making this well worth the walk. I jumped in for a swim only to quickly re-emerge with acute hyperthermia – boy this was cold! It is either getting colder each year or I’m getting old….I wonder which one it is? Jack headed straight to the thermal spring on the right hand side and stayed firmly entrenched there. Kate swam around in the freezing water to join him before they sat in the warm spring until we left. By the end of the walk we were wondering why we hadn't swum (it had warmed right up again).

Pat and Jeff stayed behind to have a look around the resort while we headed back. Stopped along the way to take a few photos of some superb boab trees.We again tried the showers at the Township before back to Cormorant Camp for a lovely relaxed evening around the campfire. We had foolish plans to start packing up, but common sense took over and that will wait until tomorrow. The campfire has been essential due to the cold nights - Kate is sleeping with 1) the foam outside mats under her, a space blanket, her self inflating mattress, thermal top and bottoms, flannelette PJs, tracksuit pants, jacket, three pairs of socks, gloves and a beanie and has finally declared that she is warm at night – and this is inside the Oddy on the hard floor!

Tomorrow we head the short distance to Home Valley for another couple of days. This stop has been thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable – it is a great place to base yourself for a few days! We’ve heard whispers from Jane Calcott, an El Questro specialist that they are considering taking on line bookings for the riverside spots. The only other thing that needs improving is the damn showers!

Mike & Amanda
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