Petrol Toyota Landcruiser 200 fuel contamination and blockage problems - Follow up and news

Wednesday, Sep 24, 2014 at 06:45

Mike & Amanda

Hi all - refer to the previous blog - previous blog on fuel

We have been since advised that there is a 'pump removal' hatch and inspection plate fitted behind the driver's seat and under the passenger's feet. This should prevent the need to remove the tanks and save squillions. Last Monday TLC had the car for the day to conduct a 'before heading to the bush' service and started removing the back seat and ripping up the carpet. They found the hatch and removed it, only to find that it was circular and of a smaller diameter than the hatch in the tank below it. This means it was fine for removing pump wiring connections but you can't remove the pump this way.

Bottom line - if you own a petrol and the fuel pump inlet strainer becomes partially or fully blocked, or the pump fails, this will result in hunting, losing power over 3000rpm and eventual stoppage and all alarms blazing away - this is a real possibility if like us, you spend a lot of time in the outback on the dirt. The only way to fix it is to drop all fuel tanks, drain them, remove the pump and either attempt to clean it or replace it - ex somewhere (probably Japan) at around $900 for the genuine article. A very long and expensive process.

I don't think dropping tanks and replacing pumps is a job for the remote bush - probably could at a push but would need replacement fuel to get you to the next stop - in my case a lot of it at 25-30 litres/100km when towing in the bush.

Long term solutions - buy a diesel. Have a sat phone handy and a remote RAC membership.

This might be a case for legal action against Toyota under the Australian Consumer Law where it states that - "A supplier guarantees that motor vehicles will be reasonably fit for any purpose the consumer or supplier has specified and suppliers and manufacturers guarantee that their description of motor vehicles (for example, in a catalogue or television commercial) is accurate".

I pulled their original advertising brochure up for the 200 and it says - "king of the road...go where no other vehicle could... known as one of the toughest, best performing and most reliable 4WDs on the planet...The power to take you anywhere...known as one of the toughest, best performing and most reliable 4WDs on the planet...So whether you’re asking it to cross the city or the continent, LandCruiser 200 will do it – all without breaking a sweat...Get ready to discover Earth’s Greatest 4WD...."

Sounds to me, that in my case this advertising has not been fulfilled - better write that letter to the ACCC and Toyota....

Any lawyers out there.....

Mike & Amanda
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