2011 Trip to Cape Leveque - Day 15

Wednesday, Jun 15, 2011 at 04:32

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Day 15
We are up early and hit the showers, have to empty the toilet of 3 green frogs and 1 from the shower but that’s ok I’ll just get someone else to do that. It’s not that I can’t handle the frogs, it’s just I have a problem putting my hand in the toilet for some reason. Another quick packup as we have to meet the others in Broome at their motel at 9am. The others have flown in from Melbourne and hired a Prado for the 10 days into Cape Leveque.
We are all there apart from the Hilux, they have had to go and get a new tyre as they discovered a screw in the new tyre they had put on while crossing the Nullabor….. “not happy Jan”. So looks like it’s a 10am start.
Off we go with the Hilux in the lead as they have been this way before (this will be their 4th trip into Cape Leveque) they have always come back saying it is such a beautiful place for them and it has built up my expectations so much that I hope I’m not disappointed.
The first hundred k’s is sealed and we pass the peaceful protest against the drilling for gas off the Kimberley coast and I have to agree with them on several levels. But I won’t go into here. We hit the dirt section and it is very corrugated but we are able to keep the speed up, the Hilux is in its element and I’m sure they are getting a better ride than the xTrail. We do the detour into Beagle Bay and checkout the church and take the opportunity to make a cuppa and snack under the shade of a big tree. The others had parked closer to the church and community but were in the sun, I didn’t mind the extra walk & as the freezer was in the back of the car it was better that it was in shade.
The closer we got the Kooljaman the sandier it got but all was good and we really aren’t having too much of a problem, then, as we are about to arrive they have placed 3 speed humps across the road to slow people down I’m guessing and to reduce the dust. The only problem is they are pretty high and as I go over the first one I can feel and hear the car bottom out and reduce the hump by a few inches. I’m a bit worried about the trailer as it is not classified “off-road” and is your stock standard 7x5 trailer. We make it over the first one and take the next 2 even slower and the first thing I do when we pull up outside the Booking Office is check the underside of the car and camper. Phew, everything is still there and no damage, but I can guarantee their humps aren’t as big as they were.
We book in and everyone goes off to find their respective accommodation for the next 10 days. We have got a powered site in the main camp ground, and 99% of these sites gets a good % of shade during the day, ours will get some morning sun but miss the hot afternoon sun. Perfect. We setup and because we are here for a decent amount of time we drag out the awning and put that up tying it off to the railing in front of the raised garden dividing us from the tented accommodation provided by the resort.

We go in search of the others who are over the hill in front of us that has the old lighthouse on top of it. My sister is in one of the huts overlooking Eastern Beach and is on the end closest to the point so they get an uninterrupted view Nth to the point, this is the first time they have stayed in this particular hut and say that they had to book that particular one 18mths in advance just to get it. I can see why, the view is amazing and at high tide you can walk out onto the big flat rocks and just dive into the crystal blue waters knowing that there are no nasty rocks hiding under the water. At low tide you get your own private section of beach.
In their hut, which consists of 3 sides and a roof, the open side facing the view, is a table with bench seats and a (cold water only) shower over a concrete shower base. They have a fire pit/ring supplied and free fire wood that they can collect from the communal wood pile.

The other 4 are in a log cabin style hut with shutters on open window holes and their shower & toilet shared with the cabin next door.
For those that haven’t been here before, the standard I think is pretty damn good. The cabins have a nice big verandah with your outdoor dining table & chairs, a BBQ is provided for your cooking and the cabins, tents & shelters are all positioned to give maximum privacy but still with a great view. Even us plebs in the camping section have it pretty good with a big camp kitchen and ample showers, due to the fact that they have a limit to the numbers of campers staying at the resort. From what my sister has told me there have been some substantial upgrades to all facilities since their first visit, the last one being the brand new booking office/store/restaurant that looks out over Western Beach and takes in the best sunsets you can find.
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