2011 Trip to Cape Leveque - Day 5,6

Monday, Jun 06, 2011 at 03:03

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Day 5

As we only had a short trip into Alice today we gave ourselves permission to sleep in. Had a lazy breakfast and watched all the vans pull out one by one. I like driving into Alice, the gap, the colours, once again Jen is blown away with the landscape. I haven’t been thru Alice in a long while and boy it’s changed. They now have strange liquor laws, well not just Alice but the N.T. which we were to find out about. It might be tough if you were wanting to top up your wine/spirit supply on your way thru but couldn’t stick around till 6pm. But I suppose most people stay in Alice for more than 1 day. I rang my niece who has just bought a house here to find out how to get to her place and was given some pretty interesting instructions, no actual street names just turn left at the big whatever and then left, left, right. Somehow we found it. My niece is a very talented young lady, I think it must have skipped a generation or something. By day she is a podiatrist with the Aboriginal Health Service and by night she is a musician playing either by herself or with her husband and his band. She’s a very busy girl and we managed to spend an evening with her before she had to fly to Cairns, Thredbow & back to Alice for gigs. It was great to catch up with Bec but the road was a calling & we still had a long way to go.

Day 6
Well we’d had our fun day of retail therapy so off we went as I promised Jen we’d do the McDonald ranges on the way back. Just before we hit Three Ways we had to drive over a very dead Kangaroo and one of it’s hind legs was sticking up and made an awful racket as it went under the car. When we pulled in to refuel at 3ways Jen noticed that the trailer lights weren’t working, problem easily solved, that roo had knocked the plug completely out of the socket and the plug was now ½ it’s original size, warn down by scraping along the road. I knew I had a replacement somewhere but couldn’t get to it so I just bought another one and did the repairs in the car park. All fixed and off we go again.
My sister had loaned us some CD books and we had been listening to the first one which was Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet. It has about 11 cds so we were pacing ourselves with a couple a day. It was brilliant.
The rest of the time I had the iPhone playing random tracks thru the car stereo, I'd copied every cd I owned onto the phone before leaving..... all 1,222 tracks.
We drove on to a place I can no longer find on the maps ( remember I am writing this almost 12mths after the event with nothing but my feeble memory) I was almost certain it was called Werner Springs, ok so we’ll go with that. It was $20 for the night, had showers and toilet block, taps scattered around that had the best water and they even encourage you to fill up, which we did. Oh and to top it off lush green grass.
Ok so we’ve only had 1 night out of 6 in a free camp spot, it’s just the way it worked out.
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