Central Australia Adventure June 2012, days 7, 8, & 9

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Central Australia Adventure June 2012, days 7, 8, 922/06/12

Day 7 cont........ Before leaving Boulia we stopped in and saw the Min Min show and the stone cottage, both were very good although the Min Min show was more for the kids I thought. The display of fossils at the stone cottage was really good and the old bloke there was a fountain of knowledge on the subject, just beware he has been known to keep people there for hours, he loves to tell you about what he does.

After the sights of Boulia we hit the Donahue Hwy, between Boulia and Tobermory station, it started out not too bad really and had me wondering what all the fuss was about. About half way the road started to deteriorate becoming rockier and rockier, not real tyre shredders but enough to make it rough, throw in a few corregations and by the time we reached Tobermory we were well shaken.

Still it was not as bad as I expected having read many horror stories about the infamous Road, crossing the border into NT we stopped for the obligatory photo at the NT sign, then headed a little way up the road to the turnoff to Tobermorey.

Arrived at Tobermorey about 1530hrs to find the place empty, lots of green grass to camp on, and a heap of fire wood for a big warming fire. As it turns out it is our 10th wedding anniversary today so nibbles and drinks were in order as soon as we were set up ( not that that is different than any other day so far).

I have been told by the care taker that the road ahead of us is WORSE, wow I can't wait, the road we have just travelled has rattled a few bits and pieces loose, and supplied us with a nice load of dust over and IN the trailer so the next leg should be awesome.

Fuel at Tobermorey $2.30 lt

Day 8........... Headed off this morning for the second part of the journey between Boulia and Alice, we had intended to only go as far as Jervois a couple of hundred kilometers up the road but decided to push on to Gemtree instead.

Well how can I describe our Plenty Hwy experience, let me start by saying that if I knew the condition of the road was going to be like it was today, I would not do it again, it was an experience without doubt but not a pleasant one.

If you were looking for a way to test car and trailer this is it, it had shocking corrugations, pot holes, bull dust holes, and rocky sections that went for miles. I guess we came out no to bad compared to some others.

Or list of failures is as follows:

Damaged water pump on trailer.

Holed water tank.

Broken electric brake wiring.

Smashed Anderson plug.

Broken trailer stock mount.

UHF arial snapped off.

And various other minor bits an pieces that fell apart.

We did come across a couple who's full off road independent suspension trailer broke a shocker, lost a coil spring, and came to a sudden halt.

Along the road we stopped a few times to see the sights but it was bitterly cold and pretty uncomfortable, at Atajeiri, a small place not too far out of Gemtree, it was like a ghost town, 1400hrs and not one person in sight, so we did a u-turn and kept going.

Approaching Gemtree we were all very happy to see the tar again.

Gemtree seems to be very nice, we will have a better look around tomorrow.

Day 9........ We have decided to spend another night at Gemtree to get ourselves organized and make some repairs, it also has some gem fossicking and some nature walks we might do.

As it turns out Gemtree CP is a pretty good place to stay, we enjoyed our stay, taking in some of the local attractions.

The park is pretty big and the sites a well spaced, you are allowed fires but you have to get wood from elsewhere, they also have camp oven meals on Saturday nights, there really is a fair bit to do there.

Also managed to fix almost all the damage to the trailer except for the shockie which we will hopefully get fixed at Alice.

Fuel at Gemtree $2.25

Tomorrow we head for Alice.


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