Darwin Via the Gulf June/July 2013 "Day 13"

Thursday, Jun 27, 2013 at 20:30

D-Max Dave

Darwin Via the Gulf June/July 2013 Day 1328/06/13

Day started off well with an eggs and bacon breakfast, followed by a great swim in the Bitter Springs thermal pools. The pools a beautiful, warm and clear as can be, we floated down stream assisted by our noodles and got out a couple of meters down stream. It was great having the goggles while floating along you could see everything very clearly, apparently there are turtles in there but we didn't see any.

After the springs we had a look around the town, it is quite a nice town really , with a lot of history.

We drove to the Mataranka homestead and had a look, then back in town we walked through the park looking at the historical sculptures.

After our sightseeing we got some supplies and headed back to camp, on our arrival at camp disaster struck !.

You wouldn't believe it, as we reversed into the camp site the steering suddenly went stiff, and the sound of squirting fluid could heard under the bonnet, stopping the engine and popping the bonnet revealed an awful mess, the high pressure hose on the power steering had blown spraying the engine bay with oil.

Distressed at first we considered the fact that if it had happened in one of our more remote camps over the last few days the scenario would have been much worse.

Than god for RACQ Ultimate cover, after a call to RACQ, within 30 min we had a visit from the local agent, who looked at the car and said she's stuffed mate, I cant fix it well that was no surprise, another phone call and we were booked for 0700 in the morning for a tray truck ride for car and camper to Katherine to a repairer who should be able to replace the hose in a short time and get us on the way again.

Luckily Katherine is in the right direction for us and hopefully the disruption in our holiday plans wont be too bad, we hope to be on our way after repairs by tomorrow afternoon, if there is a delay RACQ will put us and supply a car till the car is repaired, and we will see Katherine in the mean time.

I guess these things can happen, even with meticulous preparation, and to any car.

Maybe having a dig at Prado's on my last blog put the mocker on me, LOL.

Oh well nothing to do now but sit back by the fire, gaze at the stars, and relax with a beer or six.

It could be a lot worse, and the boys are excited about a ride in a tow truck !


Dave T
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