Darwin Via the Gulf June/July 2013 "Day 15"

Saturday, Jun 29, 2013 at 21:52

D-Max Dave

Darwin Via the Gulf June/July 2013 Day 1530/06/13
Today we drove out to Litchfield NP, once at the park our first stop was the Magnetic termite mounds, quite interesting, and our first real taste of real crowds, difficult to find a car park and a lot of people on the boardwalk made it a little painfull.
Next stop Buley RockHole, a series of rock pools connected by small falls and fast flowing streams, it was also very crowded, cars driving around in circles trying to get a park, and once parked at the pools themselves hard to find a spot to actually get in the water. A nice spot for sure but the crowds spoil it a bit.
I think we had gotten used to the minimal number of people travelling in the more remote outback we had visited over the previous week, places like Butterfly Springs where the pristine lagoon was ours alone to swim in.
Next stop Florence Falls, and yes you guessed it, a magnificent place, but the natural swimming pool at the base of the waterfall was like a human soup of all colours and nationalities, the boys did have a nice swim but it was difficult for them as the shallower safer water was taken up by lots of older folk who were there to soak there feet and not swim.
On the way back we drove into the town of Batchelor, an unusual place, it was more like a series of school campuses spread out to make a town.
Our final stop for the day was the Jumping Crocs on the Adelaide river, we were booked to go on a 3pm cruise, after getting off the main rd we drove quite along way along a dirt track through a huge area of abandoned rice fields, reaching our destination I was surprised to find basically a shack by the river, there were no real facilities there at all, in fact the mens toilet was three sheets of corrugated iron shaped into a roofless room, inside was a piece of c section acting as a urinal, and a bucket of water.
Don't let that put you off though, cause the cruise was great !
Out on the water in the large pontoon tinny, the captain introduced himself and explained what we would be doing, and we were soon off.
It was a little crowded on board, I thing they had overbooked, but we all had seats and were all able to see what was happening pretty well.
We cruised up and down for almost two hours, got to see some huge Crocs, in and out of the water, seeing them jump over a meter out of the water was awesome, on the way back the kids got a go at driving the boat which very exciting for them.
All in all a great day, the highlight being the Jumping Crocks.
Back at camp by 6pm and relaxing for the rest of the night, tomorrow we head into Darwin Central to look around.

Dave T
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