Central Australia Adventure June 2012, Day 10 &11

Sunday, Jul 01, 2012 at 15:52

D-Max Dave

Central Australia Adventure June 2012, Day 10 1126/06/12

Day 10...........Arrived at Alice springs this morning after an easy drive from Gemtree, as we came into town I spotted a welding/fabrication place and pulled in.

The bloke there told me that they do many repairs like my broken shocker mount and It would only take an hour or so.

We left the trailer and headed into town for a look, while we drove we booked into the Big 4 at the other end of town.

After a look around we headed back to the trailer, it was fixed and they only charged us $100.00, pretty cheap I thought.

Soon after we we set up at the Big 4 and getting ourselves a bit organized after roughing it for a couple of days, a trip into woollies found us restocked and ready to relax, like most other Big 4 parks it had much to offer and the kids were off to the jumping castle and play area as soon as we landed.

I was going to try and figure why my trailer brakes were not working but decided to relax with a beer and worry about that tomorrow.

Day 11......... Crawled out of bed at 0830 this morning after a very cold night, -3 degrees I believe, it was nice to be in a powered site and be able to use our little fan heater for a little while in the evening and morning.

After breakfast we headed out for some sightseeing, first stop the Desert Park only a few kilometers out of town on Larapinta drive, it was such a great place and we ended up spending more time there than we expected, because there were some trailer repairs that I had to deal with we didn't see too much more after that.

Drove from place to place around the town only to find that you cannot buy a Uniden antenna in Alice Springs, every place that sells UHF stuff sells GME and that's it, which is a real bummer and leaves us without a functioning UHF Radio.

Tomorrow I will see if I can get someone to look at my malfunctioning trailer brakes, hopefully it will be an easy repair.

Everybody in relax mode now, boys in the trailer watching a movie, Joanne reading up on the sights and working on a plan for tomorrow, and me writing this blog while I have a beer and enjoy the serenity.


Dave T
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