Central Australia Adventure June 2012, days 19. & 20

Friday, Jul 06, 2012 at 21:45

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Central Australia Adventure June 2012, days 19. 206/07/12

Day 19............Marla, Woke up this morning to find it very cold, frozen water in the kettle and sink, hoses frozen solid. We chose a powered site for this very reason, as it turns out so did every one else, first thing this morning everybody in the park must have turned on there heaters and sure enough the power in the park went out, great !. Anyway had a decent breakfast, bacon and eggs and toast, and packed up the trailer, we were pretty much the first ones in last night and the last ones out this morning.

On the road at 1030hrs off to Coober Pedy, the drive there was pretty easy, tar all the way and a pretty good road, very little traffic in our direction but a constant stream heading north.

You know when you are approaching Coober Pedy because the landscape is littered with countless mounds of dirt, and machinery.

We didn't know what to expect in regards to the CP were had booked into and on our arrival we were, well, shocked, it was not like any other CP we had ever stayed in, not a blade of grass, dirt and dust everywhere, and surrounded by mines.

As it turns out it was a great place, we had a powered site which was under cover by a large shade cloth pergola, the showers and toilets were clean, and the managers who seemed a little grumpy at first turned out to be nice.

The CP is called Riba's, it's out of town on the road to William Creek, it has it's own working Opal mine which they do night time tours in, if you book a tour you get a discount of your accommodation, two nights powdered site accom and the tour cost us $94.00, the tour was great, we learned a great deal about opal mining.

The park filled up fast after about 1500hrs so it's worth booking.

They also offer underground tent/swag camping.

Went and had a quick look in town to see what was around, got some minor supplies and settled in for the night, tomorrow we will see the sights.

Day 20........ Coober Pedy, up pretty early this morning, 0730hrs, that's pretty good considering how cold it is, into town for a nice coffee, then headed out to the Breakaways about 20 min out of town, towards Marla.

The breakaways are an amazing place, very unusual scenery but beautiful, well worth a look if you are in the area.

After that we did some tourist stuff in town, went to Fayes House which was great, the caretaker will take you through and explain how this and other underground houses are built.

Drove up to a lookout where we found a collection of very interesting stuff (read junk) which apparently were props from movies filmed in the area, from the look out you get a pretty good view of this bizarre town.

Also did some noodling using required tools hired from the CP ($2.00 per day) our efforts to find precious stones was surprisingly fruitless, no opals found, although when returning the tools our two boys were given an opal each by the CP manager, which was very nice we thought.

After a day of sightseeing we went to a restaurant called John's pizza for dinner, it's hard to imagine that it would be here in Coober Pedy of all places that we would have what was probably the best pizzas we have ever had !

If you go there try the coat of arms , it's awesome, and patriotic having Emu and Kangeroo on it.

Dont forget to book, the place was packed out on Friday night.

Our stay in Coober Pedy has been great, so glad we decided to visit, it is a bizarre and interesting town, with lots of history, oh, and lots of dirt and dust.

Highly recommend Riba's CP, and Johns Pizza.

Packed up most of our gear tonight, tomorrow we make an early start to Oodnandatta via the Painted Desert.


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