Darwin Via the Gulf June/July 2013 "Day 15 & 16,

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Darwin Via the Gulf June/July 2013 Day 15 16,1/07/13
Day 15.
We spent today sightseeing in Darwin, started in wharf area and worked our way through the city, and around the coast to the Mindil Beach for the markets.
The Wharf District was very nice, lots of restaurants, wave pool, and protected swimming beach, we didn't eat at the restaurants but Jo and the boys did get a very vice homemade ice cream which they ate while I fixed the mud guard which I had ripped off while parking the car.
We then walked around the government house area, where there are some beautiful old buildings and gardens, from there along the cliff tops through the park looking at the plaques and monuments along the way.
From the park there you can follow the signs to the WWII oil tunnels, the path leads you down a long stairway to the bottom of the cliffs, from there around the corner to the tunnel entrance, it only coats a few bucks to go in and is quite interesting.
Getting back in the car we headed into town for some lunch, the city central is nothing special really but we found a little restaurant where we got some Barra Burgers which were delicious.
Having seen the city we headed off to the Mindil beach markets, for a look around and some dinner on the beach, we got there a bit too early so ended driving up the coast a little to kill some time.
We stopped at Fannie Bay, a beautiful spot that seemed to be popular with swimmers, also around that area is the military Museum (pay entry), and some relics that you can look for free.
Having killed some time we went back to the markets, getting a parking spot only meters from the main entrance, the stall spread out over fair distance on the foreshore with only the sand dune between it and the beach.
The food stalls were impressive, cuisine of every nationality was available, and the aroma in the air was amazing, there were also many stalls selling all sorts of bits and pieces, stuffed Cane Toads, Crocodile Heads, clothing, etc, etc.
As the evening progressed the entertainment began, singers, fire jugglers, dancers, and even an elderly aboriginal man who sat hitting two tree branches he had found on the ground together, truly amazing !
After tasting a variety of delicious foods we moved over to the beach and got a position on top of a sand dune to watch the sunset, it was just us and maybe 2000 others with the same idea, we were not disappointed though, the sunset was truly beautiful.
Having gotten our photos and with full bellies we headed back to the CP for an early night, everybody being a little tired.
Day 16 Northern Territory Day
An easy start to the day, tidy up the campsite, breakfast and then headed off to town to restock groceries and other essential items such as Beer, Wine and FIREWORKS.
After the groceries and the booze we looked for a place to get some fireworks for that night, it was not hard, they sell it almost everywhere, milk bars, bakeries, takleshops, you name it.
But best of all are the Fireworks Warehouses of which there are a lot of, we stopped at one of these warehouses and bought a small qty of fireworks, $68.00 worth to be precise, which really did not get us much. There was an assortment of packs available or individual one to buy, the cheapest pack ( the one we got) was $50.00, from there the prices skyrocketed ( pun intended), I think this particular shops most expensive pack cost $500.00, I don't think there is a limit to what you can buy either.
That evening as the sun started to set the sound of explosions began all around us, at first not to loud and not too often, but as it got darker it gout louder and louder till there were explosions one after the other, and the sky all around us was lit up with bright flashes.
After dinner under the stars, well there would have been stars if not for the fireworks we hoped in the car to find a place to let some off, we drove around a bit till we found a large gravel area off the road clear of trees, power lines and people.
The fireworks we had were an assortment of fireworks that I had never seen, nothing like the stuff I had as a boy back in Melbourne on Cracker Night.
It didn't take us long to set them all off but we all had a great time letting them off, by the time we got back to camp the pyrotechnics were in full swing, some of the explosions were incredible, sounded more like cannon fire than fireworks, you could actually feel the percussion from some, there must have been some might big ones going off.
The legal time to let them off was between 6pm and 11pm, we laid in bed listening to them going off till at least 1am, LOL.

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