AMOs on tour day 81-93

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9/10/11 DAY 85 Fished from the pier at Bundegi beach. Here the water is so clear you could see all the bream, long toms and turtles in large numbers, so it seemed some how wrong to fish there! Moved to the beach. You had to be careful you didn't accidentally hook up with a turtle that kept cruising past. Caught a few fish here. Also good for a snorkel, just a lovely place.
It's turtle laying season for green, loggerhead and hawksbill turtles.
After dinner took drive towards NP on the west side. Didn't have to go far, there was a loggerhead in the first steps of digging her hole. Wasn't phased by us or camera. Further up the beach we saw another making her way up to the dunes. Even during the day you could see females in the shallows getting a rest from the 4 or 5 males out further waiting for her!
Unfortunately gave a wallaby a knock, stopped but it had hopped away so hopefully it will be ok! First accident with wildlife.DAY 86 left the camper trailer at exmouth to line up for cape range NP.
Got to the rangers office before 8 am. Were about 4th in queue, some had slept there,I'm sure. Anyway room for everyone, got into Neds , our 1st preference. After checking in at the site with the host, so organized, we went back to pack up the trailer and stock up.
Happy hour was at 5.30 pm. About 12 sites here and most people met up at the picnic tables at sunset to compare travels. Old and young alike, all were sociable and all had stories. A bit of a competition developed for the biggest spangled emperor from beach, record being 57 cm.

DAY 87 armed with plenty of chewie to fend off sea sickness, launched the tinnie. Good 3 hrs out there but not much luck, saw many turtles tho popping up their heads for a look. Able to leave boat on beach to try again tomorrow!

DAY 88 rough seas and windy so only too happy to give up my deckies seat to Robert. Another tinnie brought back fish for dinner but not G and R! I had good day walking miles on beach meeting no one but turtles.

DAY 89. Wind picking up Robert again took my seat, brought home a few! Wind really strong now, swirling up dust, covering everything?
A kangaroo liked the happy hour too. I think he waited till camps were deserted then entered tents if left open, he also broke up a large plastic food container and stole the bread. Hear the rangers are going to " move him on"

DAY 90 we've done plenty of snorkeling here, at Turquoise Bay, Oyster Stacks, Lakeside. All wonderful . This is the worlds largest fringe reef, step off the beach straight into underwater wonderland! Fish only meters off beach. You can just drift with the current. Would have been better if less wind and swell but still magic.

DAY 91 time to go, we've extended enough, onto Coral Bay now school hols have finished! Regular caravan park with showers and crowds. Fish feeding is a must with large emperors swimming around people's legs.

DAY 92 more snorkeling. Less coral than NP but all the same millions of fish of every size and colour.
Real reason for our visit, watch the rugby at a pub!

DAY 93 went exploring a 4wd beach south of Coral Bay called Five Fingers Reef. Fishing, snorkeling. Half a dozen others had same idea, still a great place.
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