Amos on tour Day 41 26/08/11

Friday, Sep 02, 2011 at 14:10


DAY 41 spent whole day on own, Guy had his mates arrive from Sydney and Jo and Alison not due till sat night. Made the most of the break sightseeing Botanic Gardens, wharf area, lagoon pool, getting lost and relaxing reading by pool. Oh and plenty of washing.DAY 42. Same, same!
Great to see Alison and Jo, plenty of goss to catch up on, lots of laughs.
DAY 43 went to Cullen Wharf and missed the lunch times by 15 mins. V hot and humid and hungry made walking very hard going, ended up at Mindil markets to revitalize and do some people watching. Markets not too special, live music v gd tho, esp the didg players.
Beautiful sunset on the beach, seemed to take forever then all at once it was gone.Ended day at yacht club for Barra.
DAY 44. Jo drove us out to Litchfield. We make a loud group when together. Stopped first at Buley's waterhole. Had mask and snorkel this time, only a few little fish but did find some sunglasses about 10 feet down for someone. We made a lot of people laugh esp when some of us had a hard time getting OUT of rock pool. Cranes and waiting for the drought were mentioned, and thankfully no one ripped backside of cossies on waterside. Young German backpackers esp glad!!
Wangi everyone's fave, Alison did well buttering rolls with fingers. Stairs in and out of water better for spectators.
Florence and Tolmer also fantastic.
Had close encounter with emu and 4 chicks hurrying across road.
Late home and pretty tired. Gave them the first taste of the wonders of NT and all were impressed.
Tues pack up,shop and head for Kakadu after reunion with Guy and Danny.
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