AMOs on tour Day 55 9/9/11

Tuesday, Sep 20, 2011 at 09:31


DAY55 now for the rough stuff- Gibb- Kalumburu road. Once past Drysdale river Station the corrugations get much worse. And then at the Mitchell falls road well, we needed a rest anyway at King Edward river crossing. At a rocky outcrop marked only by a walking trail sign we found some amazing Aboriginal rock art.Continuing on, they say 2 hrs for the 80 something kilometers, and that was pretty much dead on, we found the Mitchell River NP camping area. Not without first hitting a dip a bit hard and losing a front shocky. Better than wiping out the whole trailer like someone we met at Drysdale. Anyway campground pretty good, watch out for quolls scavenging at night
DAY56 booked our return flight by helicopter and set off for the falls. Great walk, well worth the effort to get there and a definite highlight of whole trip. Swimming only allowed certain areas but that was fine. Hard to imagine area in the wet season! Little mertons and big Mertons then the water crossing and the huge multiple falls!
A lot to take in!
Helicopter met us on time and strapped in with full harness, but no back doors, we figure eighted over the falls and home to face the corrugations once more. No pain, no gain!Camped at King Edward river camp 1. We were all on our own with views of river. Fantastic , bit of fishing too, but lure fishing definitely isn't for everyone and pretty soon I was just bird watching and taking in the views only. Too bad some other campers with the whole area to chose from, practically camped on our doorstep.
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