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> Day 58 left the murani camp1 on King Edward river, it was a good spot, no water but toilets were clean and can't beat the price!
> Back to Drysdale river stn tho and a nice cuppa and biscuit. Needed some advice on the front shock and decided we could continue. Felt a bit like being in the tinny in high seas at every dip but got better as the Gibb river road improved as headed west.
> Quick stop at the Barnett river gorge. Rough 3 km ride in but short walk to great swimming spot. A bit of fruit and some savoury bread offered by some fellow travellers and off in the car again.
> Got waved down by a couple of Frenchmen from Margaret river. Had a flat in their hire van and were missing the extension piece . So helped and thought we'd heard last of them and headed to the decidedly unhelpful roadhouse for groceries at exorbitant prices.
> Yes I know we are a long way from anywhere.
> Frenchmen arrived back having slow leak in the spare.
> "what do ya spect maate from hyer truck, shouldn't be on the Gibb without bla bla bla" yes a decidedly unhelpful shop guy.
> Camped 8 kms behind the roadhouse at Manning river gorge camp.
> Plenty of shade, on a swimming river, one tap showers, so either too hot or too cold, but fires and plenty of wood. Good place! Not much else anyway!
> Day 59 outvoted on when we should leave this camp so packed up ready to explore manning. First decision swim across river or walk around. Tinny was there to transport or polystyrene boxes provided to assist with crossing so swim it was. A good decision except for camera which got a bit damp, hence lack of photos.
> A very long walk, lots of rocks to scramble over, but all made it!
> Beautiful gorge and stand behind waterfall and pool. Lots of monitors water monitors and tah tahs. We all enjoyed a refreshing swim before tackling the walk back. Alas no helicopters.
> Back across the river , a quick lunch and unfortunately back on the road.
> Had planned to visit Galvans gorge down the road but bit pressed for time so hurried on.
> Driver was fading so stopped at imitji road house " cheapest petrol on the Gibb" and the nicest of people. Got their life stories together with a really good coffee and directions if we don't make Windjana.
> 10 out of 10. Groceries still unbelievable.
> Made Windjiana just in time for sunset, really cut it fine and missed some Bell and Galvans, but shady spot and promise of 2 night stay.
> Haleluya!
> Day 60 that's a milestone, 2 months away. Kept meeting up with family who've been on road since may last year!
> Alison came across freshie in the carpark, rangers relocated the mis guided croc home. Followed the river about 3 kms. Easy, sandy, mostly shady, scenic walk. Started with squeeze thru rocks.
> Must have missed a lot, only saw the one fossil, it read like there was a trip back in time, they need more signposts for the blind.
> Pools shrinking in size so crocs are concentrating. 25 in 1 pool alone! Swimming not recommended is the understatement of year.
> Saw mother aborigine heading home with a Barra nearly as big as her child!
> Some said walk disappointing as no big ta-da moment at end.
> There was great views right from start tho which continued the whole length.
> After a rest took little trip to Tunnel Creek. Cold, cold water and dark. Bats but no crocs, pretty at other end. Came up short of expectations.
> Collected plenty of wood for the final fire for Alison,Danny and Jo.
> Was willing to share fire with Romeo and Juliet but they decided to move on. Never mind.
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