AMO'S on Tour Day 29 sun 14th Aug

Saturday, Aug 20, 2011 at 16:01


Day 29 G and his mate Gary caught some beam and whiting whilst I took a leisurely, then saw the sunset from the tavern.
This is a dry, dusty, friendly place, full of blokes and their tiinies. Must be a couple of hundred go out each day. Only the 1 high tide because of position on the gulf and beware coming in too late and getting stuck out on the mud flats.
Crab so cheap here, hope it's the same in Darwin.DAY 30 I took another leisurely day, gave my spot in tinny up, and they came back heroes with the catch of the day and BIG smiles!!DAY 31 Packed up and got early start to Adels Grove Camp.
Bit of dirt road but rewarded by great spot on the Lawn River.DAY. 32 saw some fossils at Riversleigh, a world heritage site, maybe should have taken the tour from the park instead of self walking tour, although good, a little underwhelmed until you remember fossils are 200 myo! Many more fossils must be here but not available to public. A 2.5m, 300kg "big bird " or thunder bird sounds scary. Emus are scary enough.In the pm took a canoe up the gorge,Left guys keys locked away, for all you who remember Coolendel, around some little waterfalls and a swim, despite there being freshwater crocs, heard something big disappear into river but not sighted.
Back at camp had a look for the Ollie that was said to hang around the toilets catching frogs but couldn't even see them.
A great spot!!!
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