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Saturday, Oct 05, 2013 at 08:00

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Leaving The Breakaways campsite, we headed further East towards Norseman.

We stopped at Lake Johnston and saw quite a lot of water off to the right with trees reflected in the water.
There was also a deeper channel on the opposite side from where the campsite is.

There were motorbike and ATV tracks on the lake's surface but I am not sure if they were old or recent ones.

A large hole had been dug (by a front end loader perhaps?) near the lake's edge which had tyre tracks right in to the very edge. We wondered if a vehicle had been dug out of a bog... but it was such a tidy pile of dirt at the side of the hole. Shrugs.

I walked across the lake to take a closer look at the channel of water coming from the right side - gaining 2 inches and 20 pounds along the way :D - only to find out it was a bloomin mirage! There was NO water laying on the surface of the lake at all!

Once I reached the other side of the lake, I met up with my hubby who had driven around from the campsite to the lookout area.

We found very deep and long channels on that side with what appear to be truck tracks coming and going.

We speculate that one of the mines may be 'harvesting' water from the lake by digging the channels and collecting the seepage.

We continue on to Disappointment Rock - the entrance to which was the roughest part of the journey so far. We take a quick trek up to the top and marvel at the vista. The changes aren't as noticeable while you are travelling through them.

We move on to Lake Cowan lookout where we watch children flying kites while their parents cook lunch on the BBQ and finally arrive at Norseman in time to restock the fridge and larder before heading to the caravan park to set up for the evening

Life IS Good! No matter how much manure you have to deal with - it's all just fertiliser ;)
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