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Saturday, Oct 05, 2013 at 15:00

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We arrived at the Norseman caravan park, where we discover Acclaim are having a special - all powered sites are $20 / night. This is fantastic because I thought the $38 we would have had to pay otherwise a bit over the top!

We set up Arvie in the small gravel 'powered tent sites' area and dumped a load in a washing machine before hitting the showers. On the other side of the BBQ area is the non-powered tent site area. This had small sections of ?shadecloth? pegged down to put your tents on.

The laundry, up the front of the park near the office, is well equipped with 3 washing machines (3x $1 coins) and 3 dryers ($1 coin and 3x 20c) There are Hills Hoists as well, including one up the back of the park near the tent area/camp kitchen

With a warm breeze blowing I was able to wash and dry using the line, despite it being so late in the day. Only a couple of jeans pockets didn't quite dry completely before dark.

We popped over to the well lit up free BBQ area to cook some steaks to have with our salad. There are many long tables and benches so plenty of room for communal cooking and eating. We chatted with many people who had just completed the Nullarbor trip, exchanged views on many topics and enjoyed quite a few laughs.
The delayed start of our holiday meant I wasn't able to go to South Australia to attend my nieces wedding. As promised we were there in spirits - Whiskey & Bundy and toasted with lots of Muscat! Other campers and caravanners were quite happy to join us in celebrating the event :D

While I don't mind flannel baths in remote areas I must admit to yearning for a good shower after a few days, to wash the hair with some decent pressure. The showers here are very roomy with plenty of pressure and steamy hot water - heaven!!! Being mindful of water conservation in such dry areas I kept my shower time brief but thoroughly enjoyed every second :)

The Ladies light timer seemed to be faulty which meant the lights stayed on all night and the midgies flooded in. Spiders were loving the situation - little girls were not! Hearing her daughter scream, one Mum did 100m in less time than Mr Bolt could manage, only to find out it was a spider about the size of a 5c piece which caused the ruckus. One wonders what would happen if she came face to face with a snake or goanna. Ahhhh... the joys of camping!

Something tripped the power to the whole amenities block during the night so about 6am onwards a lot of disappointed groans could be heard coming from the camp kitchen as people realised they couldn't boil the kettle or cook toast.

People tried to alert the office but it didn't open until 8:30 - and they couldn't find an after hours contact number anywhere. A maintenance man arrived at 9:15 and was not in a good mood. I guess dealing with people who couldn't have their morning coffee will have that affect on you ;)

We simply lit our gas stove, boiled the billy, popped some bacon and eggs (purchased from the store the afternoon before) in to the skillet, toasted some bread on the old wire mesh contraption and watched the different reactions as people realised they were powerless.

Some took it well with nothing more than a resigned shrug while others ranted and raved - shook kettles, rattled toasters, threatened to do all sorts of things if they didn't work, promised all sorts of things if they pretty please would work. It was easy to pick out the caffeine addicts as opposed to those who were simply trying to have breakfast.

After a tidy up we headed off to the Woodlands Walk to complete the 'granite & woodlands' trail. A tiny parking area is set off to the right of the road. You then walk across the road to the beginning of the walktrail. I had to use the hiking stick rather than my walking stick for this one as the loose gravel and sloping ground makes it rather tricky to navigate... but well worth the effort!

There are plenty of beautiful vistas, some unusual plants waiting to be discovered (hint - little orchids are easy to miss), fantastic interpretive signs and it all occurs in circuit that is less than a kilometre so you arrive back at the starting point still fresh.

While you could walk the whole thing in a few minutes, it is also easy to spend an hour or more sitting quietly watching birds, insects & reptiles interact with their surroundings, strolling slowly and taking in the more subtle items you miss if you hurry.

We cruise around checking out different things in the area before heading back in to the visitors centre to get a few postcards and some updated information about conditions at Peak Charles.

We leave Norseman wondering what would happen to the town if they ever decide to move Eyre Highway.
Life IS Good! No matter how much manure you have to deal with - it's all just fertiliser ;)
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