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Sunday, Oct 06, 2013 at 00:00

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After topping up the water containers we left Norseman, headed down the road towards Esperance with the intention of stopping at Peak Charles overnight.
Along the way we stop off at Dundas Rocks picnic area (part of the Cobb & Co. heritage trail) and Bromus Dam camping area.

An old faded sign makes us think we should travel further on to find the 'main' entrance into Peak Charles NP - only to find out 8km later that was the main entrance. Instead of taking the 'Lake King-Norseman' road, we had arrived at the 'Kumarl-Lake King' road. Going back meant retracing 8km then travelling 52km to get to the campsite... or we could take this one which was only 44km to the campsite. Both were dirt tracks. This one looked fairly reasonable, there hadn't been any rain in the area for a while, so we decided not to back track.

The majority of the road was easy to navigate with only the occasional tricky bit. However, there were a lot of sections where it was obvious people had come to grief during wet weather.

Hitting the main track to Peak Charles saw the vegetation change - we were back to the flame grevilleas which were so abundant out near the Breakaways. The road now became quite corrugated for the next 10kms.

We arrived at the campsite and set up for the evening. We chose an area in the middle of what I would call a group site as it was the flattest spot available.
The smaller camp bays were either steeply sloping or had trees growing in the middle of them.

The next morning we take a tour around and find an abundance of wildflowers, reptiles, birds and scenery to die for!

Near Ann's Pass were a group of people tackling the daunting task of doing a bird survey. It always helps to get the gossip from the locals - they know the best places to go. They gave us some information about interesting sections of the park to visit which we would have missed otherwise and warned us about certain sections it was best to avoid until road conditions improved.

Discussing roads we were able to assure them the Kumarl track was fine for them to take their caravan out on, where as the other track was apparently quite bad (as we would find out for ouselves a couple of days later).

Life IS Good! No matter how much manure you have to deal with - it's all just fertiliser ;)
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