Touring around Cape Arid NP

Friday, Oct 11, 2013 at 01:00

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We chatted with the park Rangers when they came to tidy up and collect fees. Getting the latest updates we discover Balladonia track and Thomas Fisheries track were still shut but they assured us we would have no trouble getting to Poison Creek, Seal Creek or Jorndee. Using the Hema HN6 to set our destination, we headed back up the track towards Tagon Road. We reached the junction of Tagon Rd and Merivale Rd and turned right towards Poison Creek Road.

Nobody had mentioned anything about going back up to Fisheries Road and travelling to the Merivale / Poison Creek Rd junction that way - which we found out later is how everyone else got there [ eye roll ]

Merivale Rd was a tidy drive to start with - we had national park on the right side and farm paddocks on the left side.
Then all of a sudden the 'road' narrowed to a single lane sandy track with dense bushes on both sides.

We saw reasonably fresh wheel tracks so figured either a farmer had been through, or maybe the Ranger had checked it out that morning or..... A little while later we were wondering if we should turn around and go back up Tagon Road to Fisheries Rd, but there wasn't anywhere to do so safely.

We hit the first of the big puddles and started giving each other worried looks and I began muttering about not having welly boots and how a gentlemen would never expect the missus to get out in the mud.
[ Serendipity, this is where we killed the reversing camera... Can't swim huh, who knew! ;) ]

Having only owned Jock a couple of months, we weren't sure how far we could push things. I now have a new found respect for our "little blue box" and trust him to get me out of most situations :)

We did eventually reach Poison Creek Road and Seal Creek campground and made notes for future reference.
The entrance to Jorndee looked a little bit too much like the entrance to Merivale Road so we decided to give that one a miss this time round (hehehe)

Although we could have happily stayed at Cape Arid a few extra days, we had made plans to meet relatives in Esperance the next day, so we sadly returned to camp and tidied things up ready to leave in the morning.
Life IS Good! No matter how much manure you have to deal with - it's all just fertiliser ;)
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