The 'Lakes' - Dumbleyung, Grace and King

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Lake Dumbleyung - where Donald Campbell and his 'Bluebird' set the 1964 water speed record of over 400km/hr.

The previous day's rain left the road to the Lake extremely greasy and slippery.
We travelled a little way in following somebody else's tracks but decided to turn back after the car had gone sideways twice despite being in 4wd! Such a pity because it looked like a lovely scenic drive too.
Don't think Mr Campbell would be setting any records that day though

Lake Grace
We moved on to Lake Grace where we stopped off at the lookout just before town. Here we saw some fantastic wildflower displays. One of the flowers had me stumped so we went into the visitors centre and asked if they could help identify it. The extremely helpful lady went through a number of reference books they had but we weren't able to find it. I sent an email to them with the photo attached and one of the other volunteers was able to identify it as Well's Dampiera.

This was the only specimens of this particular flower I saw on the entire trip.

We had planned to stop at Lake Grace for the night so we could spend a full day exploring but a drive through the caravan park didn't show any tent friendly powered sites.
We pulled up in a parking bay to have some lunch and discovered the dual battery system wasn't working properly so we decided to continue on to Lake King.

Entering Lake King we stopped at a small fuel pump/shop set up and found it was not open on a public holiday.
We continued up the road to the Tavern to find a 24/7 fuel bowser where you can fuel up using an EFTPOS, Credit Card, or BP Fuel Card. These fuel pumps don't accept the pensioner fuel card because it doesn't include a PIN system.

You need to book in at the Tavern first then continue up the road to the caravan park itself.
We asked for a powered tent site, so we could get the Waeco cold again while fixing the dual battery system.

We were directed to a patch of sandy ground behind the BBQ area / amenities block.
There was a low watt 'street light' near the power box which gave us a pleasant bit of ambient light that evening.

Amenities consisted of a laundry with 2 washing machines (3x $1 coins), 1 dryer (2x $1 coins) and a washing line. Large disabled toilet and shower in both men's and women's facilities. Lovely HOT water with plenty of pressure.

Campers kitchen had a small fridge and gas stove ( which had run out of gas when we were there), electric kettle and microwave, kitchen sink, table and chairs and a million flies. Despite signs asking for the door to be kept shut, everyone seemed to leave it open letting the bush flies in.

With the tent set up in the caravan parking area, we had to carry out repairs etc with the car parked at the side of the track, next to the power box. Luckily nobody else was camped nearby

We discovered an (optional) toggle switch to isolate the dual battery system wasn't strong enough to handle the current passing through it. So it was bypassed and we were once again confident about going 'remote' for a few days without having to worry about the food in the fridge staying cold.

Next ... up to Hyden

Life IS Good! No matter how much manure you have to deal with - it's all just fertiliser ;)
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