2013.2 Western Qld Second Trip - New Blog - Day 1.

Friday, Sep 20, 2013 at 19:40

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Day 1 - Brisbane to Mitchell

Well folks, this series of blogs (2013.2) finds me on my second trip to Western Queensland this year. Having enjoyed my volunteer work at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs, Winton about 6 months ago, I stuck my neck out and arranged to perform 2 weeks volunteer work at the Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame (ASHOF) Museum at Longreach. The Curator was keen to have someone catalogue a range of photographic material and other assistance, so I agreed.

Marie and I visited the ASHOF a couple of years ago, and a half day touring the facility was really not enough. As you have found from previous blogs, I come from the bush, and am fascinated by our outback history. I certainly hope to find time to more fully explore the facility this time, buy some more quality outback gear, and maybe indulge in an outback show or two. I will also donate a copy of my father's biography "LR Cattleman" of his father - i.e. my grandfather - who worked on a number of Queensland and Northern Territory pastoral stations, including Barkly Downs and Headingly.

So, I packed up my Camper Trailer, having had it and the Prado serviced after the last trip; and after detailed planning, I'm on my way again. Plans included a quickish trip over two and a half days, do my work, and then meander back, visiting a number of Queensland country towns I hadn't been to before.

The trip up will include planned overnight stays at http://www.exploroz.com/Places/76929/QLD/Neil_Turner_Weir.aspx , two and half kilometres north west of Mitchell. The weir was highly recommended to me by a buddy (Gidday BribieKim) who was here some months ago. The ExplorOz site, and similar sites, write highly of the independent camping area, with the caveat that campers must be totally self-sufficient.

My planned stop tomorrow night will be the http://www.exploroz.com/Places/71442/QLD/Oma_Waterhole.aspx. I love this campground just West Sou West of the lovely town of Isisford. I enjoyed my stay there during my last trip, even though I was a little spooked by my unannounced beastly visitors in the middle of the night! and it will be a chance to have a shower after two days on the road! The (now) $3. 00 for a overnight stay will be worth it, if you can find a council officer on the weekend!

My last leg will be to the http://www.longreachtouristpark.com.au. My stay in Longreach will be for the two weeks, but, (a) it is hopefully walking distance to the ASHOF, and (b) the little Jayco doesn't offer much in security, especially when free or independent camping, so for peace of mind, the Park it is.

Well after a 10 hour day, here I am just NorthWest of Mitchell on the Maranoa River.

An inordinate amount of roadworks on the Warrego Hwy. A seriously blown tyre just out of Jondaryn, etc. etc. delayed my arrival by a few hours. I bought two new tyres in Dalby to replace the one blown on the Warrego Highway near Jondaryn, and the other second-hand tyre I got in Charleville last trip. The wrecked one I had bought second hand in Windorah last trip. Thankfully, the Windorah second-hand tyre made it from Windorah back to Brisbane, including the Cunningham Highway. I'd hate to think of the consequences of the tyre shredding down the Range! Really false economy, but I had little choice at the time. All good now, I hope! At least I had a nice lunch of calamari and chips in the Coffee Club, Dalby, and a good coffee, while I was waiting.

Not that I intended to stay there, the Major Mitchell Caravan Park was seemingly overflowing with caravanners. Slightly concerned, I went about 3km out of town and found the Neil Turner Weir. Reasonably fully occupied, but still with plenty of camping spots, I found a good site looking over the Weir. I know travelling caravanners like to find good camp spots early afternoon, for that reason.

Finding a spot close to the water, I set up camp there. Very pleasant it was, and would be lovely for a few days, like some of the other caravanner's I spoke to, but not this trip.Camp fires are allowed.
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