Finishing our SA Eyre Peninsula trip.

Monday, Oct 07, 2013 at 01:00

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Last night we listened to the grunts and calls of a male koala as he patrolled the area we camped in at the MIA 1 national park.

Today we're packing up for the final time as we push on to Sydney.

We're heading across to meet up with the Hume, but I'm dreading the boredom of the soulless freeway.

Police everywhere as its the last day of NSW school holidays.

Our 3.0 litre crd patrol has performed fantastically, as my confidence in our new 4x4 grows. It's been a bit thirsty at 110kmh with 19's and 20's litres per 100k. But this drops to 16-18s if we travel at 80-90. But we are carrying a lot of weight and the windage on the roofrack bag must be significant.

Coming into Sydney the traffic is heavy but still travelling at 90. We opt for m5, but now I'm wishing we went m7. Through the roadworks we pick up a huge spike of wood the punctures my beautiful new BFG mud terrain tyre. It's deflating quickly so we pull over and reverse up an entry ramp till its safe. Wow these tyres are heavy, I think as I change to the spare. But it doesn't take too long and we're away.

Easy trip home now, and unpack and clean up the kids ready for school tomorrow.
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