Fussell Family Simpson Adventure - Eyre creek to Birdsville

Monday, Jun 29, 2015 at 01:00

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We camped relatively close to Big Red last night with the aim of being in Birdsville by Lunchtime, as we needed to do some washing.

So we get away at a leisurely 9:30, only to hear on the radio that the group of 8 cars were just a few kms ahead. It turns out they were actually from a club in Whyalla SA, and they were all lovely people.

As we get closer to big red the traffic seems to increase. One person we pass coming head on is Shane and Tanya, who we said goodbye to a few days earlier. They went down via Warburton track but unfortunately it has been graded to near highway conditions as they are doing some major mining there. They were so disappointed with it they decided to drive back up to Birdsville and head out again on QAA and their plan was to go down K1.

Before we know it we're at Big Red again, only about 10 days later than last time. This time it's Jacqui's turn to drive up. I lower the tyres a lot. 12 at front and 14 at rear.; And Jacqui drives up comfortably. Our kids love playing on the backside of the dune where there are no cars.

It certainly is busy here. about 10 cars and 4 bikes are parked on top. There's an event being organised down below... some fun run that goes over big red.

After we've had our fill of red sand, we pump up our tyres and head to Birdsville. The Track is in good nick after being graded since the rain.

We camp at the caravan park. it's a bit expensive for the family, but we use their washing machines and all have showers.

We also go to the pub at night for dinner, but unfortunately Sunday night is roast night. The normal menu looked much better.

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