Fussell Family Simpson Adventure - Birdsville to Innamincka

Tuesday, Jun 30, 2015 at 04:00

Member - Tony&Jac

A longer day than expected.

Got away at 10, and headed east from Birdsville then down Cordello Downs rd. Some muddy bits but there were established drive arounds.

As we left Diamantina shire we noticed the sign showed area 94,000km2; population 283 +/- 7000. I guess that 7000 is the Birdsville Races. They also listed the only 3 towns in the shire, one of which has had a population of 0 for the last 15 years.

We were driving till 5:30 with only a short lunch/ cricket stop. The drive was longer and slower than we thought. We listened to Roald Dahl's audio book "Danny the Champion of the World."

We came straight to Cullyamurra Waterhole as recommended by my parents. Nice.

Lots of birdlife in the tree next to our campsite. We have a family of corella's and a family of budgerigars.

Tony Fussell
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