Fussell Family Simpson Adventure - Poeppel corner to Eyre creek

Sunday, Jun 28, 2015 at 03:00

Member - Tony&Jac

Today's driving from Poeppel Corner to Eyre creek along the QAA line has been good and bad.

The good side has been that the big groups are far ahead of us, and we've only come across about 3 small groups.

But the bad part has been the poor condition of the west facing dunes. They are incredibly staircased. Our tyre pressures are very low so we can choose our speed. High range 1st at just above idle works, but it's slow. At least as the day progresses the dunes are further apart and we get into 3rd or 4th gear. Today we've done about 80-90 kms.

We've been leapfrogging a group of 4 bikes. They come up very quick from behind. Even when keeping an eye out for them, before you know it their headlights are in your mirrors. We always pull over to let them past and they zoom off. Then they stop to wait for their support cars to catch up (they're behind us), and we pass the bikes, and so the process repeats itself across the day. They're friendly though so no issues really.

We're camped shy of Big Red near Eyre ck.

There's lots of wood around here, but also lots of flies. We must be on stocked land again, nearing the end of the desert. We've resorted to putting up our fly proof centre section of our oztent to prepare dinner.

Tomorrow we go to big red again. This time Jacqui is going to drive up it. And then on to Birdsville.

Tony Fussell

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