Fussell Family Simpson Adventure - Fishing gone wrong

Monday, Jul 06, 2015 at 03:00

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The kids were playing at the bottom of the river bank. Tony had been teaching Katie how to fish there earlier, using just a weighted line with a baited hook ( no rod).

Alex suddenly cried "Dad come here now Katie needs you!" Tony replied tell her to come up here.

There was something ominous about the way they slowly silently came up the track, side by side. As they got closer we could see that Alex was holding the fishing reel, whilst the line and weight seemed to be around Katie's face. Then I saw the hook. It was in Katie's cheek!

Katie was wide eyed and pale, with a look of shock on her face. Tony gave the hook a gently pull to try and get it out. All that happened was a 1cm line of flesh stood out on her cheek. This made my stomach turn. Katie gasped slightly and her eyes became even wider. Then I had a go. The same result. The hook was firmly attached.

Tony asked for scissors. He cut away the line and the hair that was tangled in the hook. Then handed the situation back to me.

I started brainstorming with Tony. Can we take her to a hospital - no that's hours away. Can we get the station owners to fly her there - no that's overboard. Can we talk to the station owner (Liz), (meaning to get her advice on getting medical help) - yes she may have pulled hooks out of her own kids. I didn't want someone else ripping a barbed hook out of my child's face. That clarified things. It was down to me.

I really wanted to give Katie a local anaesthetic but that was not an option. I needed her to be calm and focused on something else. So I gave her some sweets. That worked.

Then I started thinking about how to get the hook out. I looked at another identical hook, so that I knew what I was dealing with. It was only a tiny barb. Then I thought about it's path in. It probably Went in perpendicular to her face.

I twisted the hook so that it was perpendicular, put my finger on her cheek over the piece of hook that was in her and pulled gently. To my amazement it slid straight out! Katie was still sitting there as though nothing had happened, until I showed her the hook.

I put some antiseptic cream on her, and 2 minutes later the kids were off playing again as though nothing had happened.

I then felt free to release my emotions. My stomach flipped over again, and I felt a bit wobbly for 5 mins, so I sat in a chair with a drink.

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